How to dress up for a date?

How to dress up for a date?How to dress up for a date? Faith called me. She was in a panic. We had been working with her for several months now, and Faith was making progress: she increasingly went on dates and definitely grew up. And so she received an invitation to a large outdoor event and waited for him with impatience - there were many unmarried men to attend. Finally she went there and soon called me: she panicked.


"There are so many men here!" She whined. - I completely lost my head. I want to escape to my room, order a mountain of food and forget about this gathering. Talk to me, please! Help me!


We talked with Faith about what excited her so much and how she should be. We discussed how to avoid thoughtless actions and have a good time.


“Remember your main goal,” I repeated all the time. - Your task is to have fun. Get rid of all expectations. Do not look for a husband. No far-reaching plans and promises - just an acquaintance and no non-binding conversations. Enjoy - and get acquainted, meet, acquaintance.Watch your feelings. Note that you like and do not like it.


Finally, the tension subsided, and Faith calmed down. I still had one more question:
- How are you dressed?
- Why?
- Just wondering. So what are you in?
- Nothing special. Jeans and sweater.
- And what kind of jacket? - I had terrible suspicions.
- Ordinary knitting. "N-yes," I thought.
- A hairstyle? - Suspicions grew into confidence.
“I made this ... well, tail.” She caught her hair with a rubber. And put on a baseball cap. Around full of people in this form.
- Okay, that's enough. You're in jeans, a shirt and a cap. Hair slicked and gathered in the tail with a rubber band. And are you going to meet young people?


Let me explain: there was nothing criminal in the Faith outfit. Many women in jeans look natural and do not lose their attractiveness. But I know Faith! I know that her clothes are camouflage, which allows them to merge with the environment.


“Nuda,” said Faith innocently. - There is an unofficial atmosphere. Than you do not like my clothes?
"You're hiding, that's all." Do you know what your appearance is talking about? "If I look like a woman as little as possible, no one will reject me."Here's your strategy. You do not want to be paid attention to you. Tell me why are you hiding?


First Faith denied everything. But then she still confessed that she had prepared another toilet for the evening, which certainly did not suggest a tail and a cap. But looking at myself in the mirror, she was frightened. We began to think about the reason for her fear.


I began to ask Faith how she feels when a desire to communicate with men awakens in her, a thirst for love and intimacy (including intimate) with her spouse is a wonderful attraction that God has put into her as a woman. When Faith spoke about her desires, she felt the power that was in her. But then fear flooded over. Faith was frightened not only by the fact that she could be rejected, but also by her feminine feelings. For her, such feelings and desires were tantamount to immorality. Seeking not to be ashamed and not afraid of rejection, Faith abandoned her sexuality. And she stopped attracting men.


“Go to the room immediately,” I commanded. - Spread your wonderful hair, put on a dress that will allow men to see a woman in you. And add a little playfulness and coquetry.Stop hiding! God made you a woman - so please be her. Come on!


How to dress up for a date? Faith obeyed. The result was amazing. Faith not only made a huge step towards personal growth, but also developed a completely different style of communication with men. She became - God forgive me! - to flirt. Do not think that defiant and inappropriate, no. But she began to talk to young people as a woman who was aware of her attractiveness. Subtle humor, the necessary share of playfulness and interest - and the surrounding men feel at their best. Faith has become so comfortable being herself that, next to her, men, remaining as they are, feel confident and comfortable. Soon we saw the first fruits: Faith began a serious relationship with one of her fans.