How to dress for fitness

Wear a uniform that makes you feel comfortable. You need freedom of movement. Your clothes should not be too tight on the body. Girls need to wear a tight top so that it is well supported by the chest.
Prefer clothes from natural materials. The skin during exercise should breathe, and the material from which the form is sewn should not interfere with perspiration. If you suffer from excessive sweating, choose clothes of dark colors, so you hide a little the problem.
Do not wear very wide T-shirts for fitness. Choose clothes that are not too tight, but not too loose. Well control progress in achieving harmony will help suit in which you will see their forms. This will be a kind of incentive for you.
Sportswear should fit perfectly on you. If you have a non-standard size, buy separately the top and bottom of the suit, so you can perfectly choose your fitness clothing.
With regular fitness classes, the form wears out quickly, so do not buy too expensive products.During training, your parameters will gradually change, which will also affect the size of clothes. Acquire one suit with the expectation that it will be useful to you for a maximum of 6 months, then you will have to update it.
For fitness, wear shoes that can provide good support for the ankle. Now you can choose a variety of sneakers and sneakers for every taste and price.
Wear sports socks for sports shoes. They should be of cotton material with a low content of elastane.
Do not forget about accessories. For strength training, take fitness gloves with you to fitness. They will help protect the skin from calluses. Also grab a headband. This useful accessory protects your eyes from sweat.