How to draw Naruto?

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How to draw Naruto?

Everyone knows who Naruto is - the main character of the eponymous anime series, a ninja with special abilities. Many anime and manga fans want to learn how to draw Naruto and his friends. This will be discussed further.

How to draw naruto step by step

In order to get a good drawing, it is not necessary to have an art education, it is enough to follow the instructions step by step.

Face oval

First of all, find the sample on which you plan to complete the drawing. Believe me, nothing will come of you without a clear example: even experienced artists always use photographs and frames from films or anime. Before you draw Naruto with a pencil, carefully consider the most characteristic features of his face. Pay attention to its shape: it is round, with a pointed chin. Accordingly, make a circle, and in its lower part position a flat cone - chin.

Do not forget about the auxiliary lines - one vertical, passing through the center of the forehead, nose, center of the lips and chin, and dividing the face into two symmetrical parts, and one horizontal, passing perpendicular to the first through the centers of the pupils and the bridge of nose.To learn how to draw Naruto and other characters, remember that all auxiliary lines should be applied, barely touching a piece of paper with a pencil. This is due to the fact that as soon as the drawing is completed, you will erase them with an eraser.

Eyes and forehead

Naruto�s specialty is �anime eyes�. They are distinguished by their unusually large size, and the eyeballs in them are almost completely visible. The horizontal line will serve as the axis on which to draw the eyes. Arrange them at the same distance from the vertical line. If you do not know how to draw Naruto characters, do everything the same way: the algorithm for drawing faces is the same for all the characters, the main thing is that it turns out to be symmetrical.

Draw for the eyes auxiliary circles - eyeballs. Naruto's eyes have a characteristic cut and resemble a cat's. Make large light pupils, sketch a small iris with lines diverging from it in all directions. Lightly shade the rest of the eye surface, leave free space in the upper part - highlight. Obviously, it's not so difficult to draw the anime Naruto, and, if desired,in the same way you can draw the characters of other anime series.

The next step is the headband. You probably noticed how original it is. Thin lines draw its contours, the central part and the spiral - the symbol of Konoha. Note that the falling strands of Naruto's hair will cover part of it, so do not aim your forehead with bold lines.

Nose and lips

Drawing "anime" noses is very simple. For example, Naruto's nose is two small vertical nostril lines parallel to each other and not too far away.located from the central axial auxiliary line extending from the forehead to the chin. Keep this in mind if you want to draw Naruto characters or other anime characters. Draw a mouth under your nose: make Naruto with a slight smirk on your face, not laughing or angry. For this it is enough to hold two lines: wide and narrow. The ends of the top, which is wider, bend up - this is the upper lip. The one that is narrower and not long is placed under the wide line, as this is the bottom lip. In general, in order to understand the smirk-drawing algorithm, it is recommended to watch the video on how to draw Naruto, which is freely available on the web.

Finally, when the main features of the character�s face have already become clearly visible, begin working on the fine details.Draw eyebrows over the eyes - two even or slightly curved thin lines drawn obliquely. Each eyebrow must �look� at one end at the point of intersection of the horizontal and vertical auxiliary lines, and at the other at the nearest temple of the hero. Another special detail, immediately apparent - three strips on the cheeks of the character. Knowing how to learn to draw anime Naruto, do not forget to draw three lines on each of the hero's cheeks.

Final stage

Naruto's hair is not laid, and they are drawn in the form of several triangles. In order not to get confused when creating hairstyles, start with the two extreme strands at the temples. Then start drawing the main body of hair on the top of the hero. Picture them in the form of intertwining triangles. To give a believable pattern, draw a few strands that fall on the headband.

Draw small ears on both sides of the head - they should be just below the strands of hair. Then go to the neck and mark its contours - two lines running from the head to the collar. Step back one face wide and sketch a collar, without forgetting that it has a ribbed shape.Behind the neck, draw a few small strands of hair looking out from behind the back of the head. In general, drawing Naruto characters is not so difficult. The main thing is, at the end, erase with an eraser all the thin auxiliary lines that were applied to the paper at the very beginning. If you wish, you can transmit light and shade with a shading: lightly closedLook at those areas of the face where the light does not fall.