How to draw animals?

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How to draw animals?

Creative people all the time want to try something new. For example, it may be drawing. But not always everything goes well: it happens that instead of the expected beautiful pictures on paper, solid scribbles are obtained. The problem is that drawing must also be learned. We will tell how to do it. Many people want to draw animals, but do not know where to start. How to draw animals with a pencil?

Necessary materials

So that your future drawings could be called beautiful, first you need to pay attention to the choice of paper, pencils and an eraser.

Pencils in the arsenal of an experienced artist is always a few. It is better if you have a whole set. Pencils should differ in hardness / softness and be different sharpening. Soft pencils give rich, vibrant colors, and they do not require heavy pressure. With the help of them they draw wide stripes, details of the pattern and create contrast and shadows. Hard pencils give pale colors. They are more often used in drawing schemes, sketches and auxiliary lines.The hardness / softness of a pencil is indicated on its edge: solid - T, H; soft - M, B; soft-hard - MT, HB. From sharpening the pencil depends on how wide the strip it will be. The sharper the pencil, the narrower the stripes. If you are looking for pencils for a child, then you do not need to choose too sharply sharpened. The child strongly presses a pencil on the paper, from which the sharp core of the pencil will constantly break.

Paper must be matte and high quality. Often in children's albums use poor-quality paper, which, after erasing with an eraser, deteriorates and breaks. It is best suited for drawing paper, with a hard and non-porous surface.

Eraser take white. When erasing it will not leave traces of paint on paper. Also, a good eraser should not crumble in the hands and should not break when bent in half.

Animal drawing process

Well, everything you need is on the table, and you can get to work. So, how to learn to draw animals with a pencil? Now the Internet is replete with many sites that tell in detail about how to draw animals in stages, and attach the scheme.You can find what you like (for example, you want to figure out how to draw a bear or a hedgehog) and make your own drawing according to these schemes. But we still highlight the main stages in the construction of a beautiful picture:

  1. If you are still a stupid artist, but there is a desire to learn, start by drawing. Let the picture be all the time before your eyes.
  2. Look carefully at the picture of the animal you want to draw. Try to determine his mood, characteristics, character and means by which the artist conveyed it. This is the highlight of the picture, and it must be reflected in your drawing.
  3. Take the paper, identify on it the areas in which parts of the animal's body will be located.
  4. Outline the figure. Mark large parts of the body - head, body - in large circles or ovals. With the help of lines and oblong ovals show the location of the paws, ears, tail. You should have an interconnected pattern of the figure. Here you need to reflect the width, length and correct proportions of the body parts.
  5. Now take each body part separately.Carefully study the picture and according to it draw the necessary lines in the picture. Do not hurry.
  6. When all parts of the body are drawn, put them together into a single piece. Draw the connection lines. It is important that the drawing is smooth, the animal looks natural.
  7. Go to the detail of the body parts. Gradually get rid of auxiliary lines and schemes, draw small details, make the lines brighter and clearer.
  8. If necessary, draw a shadow and landscape.

It is by this principle that a drawing of almost any animal is built. Using the same algorithm, you can draw anime and winx animals. If everything is done correctly, then soon you will get excellent drawings with which you can surprise your friends and relatives.