How to draw an assassin?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
March 13, 2013
How to draw an assassin?

There are many fans of Assassin’s Creed. Her main character is Ezio Auditore de Ferenc, who once served as an assassin. Game fans often have a desire to draw it. In this article we will explain how to draw an assassin with a pencil.

Costume analysis

For drawing this character is not easy. You need patience. For drawing need pencils. Very difficult to draw is the suit Ezio Auditor. You can take his photo on Wikipedia and carefully study the details of the suit. Real fans can read the biography of this assassin.

Studying a suit, we pay attention to a set of details. It has metal parts, fabric, in one word, all that the killer needs. But this image was created and implemented by professional computer scientists and designers, and we will only learn. Therefore, the drawing process will be somewhat simplified to make it easier to put it into practice. So, how to draw an assassin in stages.

Step by Step Drawing Instructions

  • First step.Draws the position of the body of Ezio. In the place of the arms and the head there are circles, in the form of a trapezoid body, two lines in the place of the legs.
  • The second step. The picture with the image of the assassin is very much detailed, there are many colors and shadows in it. We need to highlight only the main elements. We need to start drawing the details of the costume.
  • The third step. Under the circle for the head, an oval is drawn. It depicts the lips and nose. Several strokes are made to highlight the neck. Next you need to draw a hood and go to the shoulder part.
  • Fourth step. A belt is depicted on the stomach, sleeves are drawn.
  • Fifth step. Need to draw a hand. In his hands he has 2 hidden blades, reinforced in a special mechanism and moving forward if necessary. We continue to draw the costume on as in the figure.
  • The sixth step. In accordance with the figure, you need to add on the costume of an assassin a few details. Next, you need to go to the drawing legs. Difficulties, most likely, should not arise here.
  • Seventh step. Using the eraser, auxiliary lines are removed. The contours of the picture should be highlighted in bold. With a simple pencil, add some shadows.

We told you how to draw an assassin yourself. If you have artistic abilities and you are a fan of this game, try to make such a drawing, using the image of the main character Ezio Auditor de Ferenc. The step-by-step instructions given in this article will be available to everyone, without exception, including novice artists. We wish you good luck in your work and in all your endeavors!

How to draw an assassin

How to draw an assassin

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