How to draw a pokemon?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
April 4, 2013
How to draw a pokemon?

Many children are hooked on the cartoon "Pokemon." Most of them even attempt to draw it. Especially popular was a pokemon named Pikachu. Many children are wondering how to draw a pokemon so that it is as close as possible? And this is quite simple, and can be done with a simple pencil.

We draw Pikachu

First of all, the main body parts of Pikachu should be marked with lines. You need to start with drawing an egg-shaped, which lies sideways. Then we draw a big “+” sign and a wide “W”, which will be the upper part of the mouth. Next, draw a rectangle for his body. Now you should draw the lines along which the ears and hands of the little animals will be drawn.

The next step is to draw small circles on the cheeks, in which Pikachu accumulates his electric charge. Then proceed to drawing a small nose and open mouth with the tongue inside. Next, on the right side of the head, you will need to draw a conic ear, and then a long, elongated line of lightning for the tail of Pikachu.And now you need to finish the line of the left hand to get a tiny limb, and draw him the left leg.

After that, proceed to drawing two medium circles, which will be his big eyes. On the left side you should draw another conic ear, and then the right arm, leg, and another arm. Then draw the other side of his tail. After that, you can remove all the auxiliary lines drawn first, and draw a thick line around its outline. Pikachu is ready, and you can color it if you like.

How to draw pikachu

We draw Pokemon Ivy

It is worth noting that the Pokémon drawings turn out to be quite funny and unusual, and besides Pikachu, the child, for sure, wants to draw some more small animal. Offer him to draw a pokemon named Ivi, which is a very rare pokemon.

In order to draw Ivi, first of all, it is necessary to draw a circle and 2 curves with thin lines. Next, draw the outline of the head and ears of the animal. Then you can erase the circle with an eraser. Then you should draw the eyes, mouth, nose, eyebrows and finish the ears. And then erase the two guide curves. Then the fluffy wool and the legs of the pokemon are drawn.After that, you need to finish the hind paw and Ivy's fingers, and then draw its tail. The last stage of drawing will be painting over his ears. That's it, pokemon ivy is ready. Since the child can not always catch the smallest details, you should take care of the image of the pokemon, then it will turn out more realistic, and the child will be able to be proud of his drawing.

How to draw ivy

Now you know how to draw Pokemon, and you can explain the principle of drawing to your child, who will surely like this activity, and he will be able to draw not one or two Pokemons, but all those available in this popular anime.