How to draw a parrot?

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How to draw a parrot?

Hello! Once again, I will tell you how to draw a simple, but rather amusing and creative drawing. Today you will learn how to draw a parrot in stages. Literally in a few minutes there will be a cool picture on your desk!

We draw with you is not complicated, but a funny picture of a parrot. I will tell you how to draw a parrot with a pencil, so for work take a pencil (preferably a hard one), an eraser, a sheet of paper and, naturally, a portion of a good mood!

We draw a parrot: instruction

First step. We draw a circle and a line, later it will turn into a back.

The second step. Draw another circle. Below and more. The bottom of our future back rest on it. It will be pop. Also draw again from the top of the first circle another line, it will become the neck and chest. This line touches the bottom circle below.

In the third stage, we need to draw the top of the head. Our hero will have stripes there a little later, so draw the top. Still right there we draw a beak. We make it commensurate with the head or the first circle.

Next, in the fourth stage, we should draw an eye and draw a beak. The eye is an oval with a shaded circle in the middle, and the beak draws a curve, just below our base. Here, in principle, you can experiment.

Immediately draw the legs. Short legs and large feet - this, along with a large beak, is a feature of our design. So we draw little and pretty little plump lovers and big feet with two fingers.

Five. Draw a wing. Draw it from the back and direct it to the body. The wing will cover part of the priests. The second wing looks out from behind the body and repeats the shape of the first.

From our top we let out three thick hairs. One - in the continuation of the top, bent to the top and goes back through the bottom. The other two are short, but just as sharp, coming from the upper edge of the chord. Although it is much easier, and most importantly, it will be more interesting to try to create a hairstyle for our parrot on your own. This is where you can roam: make him a mohawk, for example, or, say, create an image of Brad Pitt in it.

A long tail consisting of three feathers peeps out from behind the wing. We draw it ourselves, because it can be tilted in different ways and, accordingly, you will get different drawings. Again, experiment is our friend!

The final, sixth stage.Remove all auxiliary lines - circles that overlap tails, feathers, and so on. In general, we leave the body on which we simply draw down.

That's it, I told you how to draw a parrot! Practice, and in the future you will receive cool drawings. Thanks and see you soon!