How to disassemble the side mirror?

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How to disassemble the side mirror?

Why disassemble the side mirror of the car? There may be several reasons for this: troubleshooting, repair and maintenance, or installing new parts of the mirror after it has been damaged. All these types of work can be performed by auto repair shop specialists, and these services are not the cheapest. That is why many motorists are engaged in repairing your car yourself.

Let's find out how to disassemble the side mirror and what might be needed for this. It is necessary to take into account the fact that there are many brands and models of cars, and each car can have its own specific type of mirrors with its own technical features.

Side mirror disassembly

In order to disassemble the side view mirror, we will need the following tools:

  • Phillips screwdriver set;
  • A set of flat screwdrivers;
  • Knife, plastic or metal spatula.

Suppose that we need to disassemble an electric mirror that regulates its position.

  1. Disconnect the battery terminals before proceeding.
  2. Inside, gently pry off with a knife or spatula a plastic triangular plug that covers the mirror mounting bolts.
  3. Removing the cap, you must carefully disconnect the block with the wires of the electric drive.mirror
  4. After that, unscrew a few bolts, with which the mirror is attached to the door. Usually there are only three such bolts.
  5. Unscrewing the bolts, you can safely remove the mirror from the car door.
  6. In order to flick the mirror itself, it is necessary to pry it with a spatula or a flat screwdriver. If you are using a metal spatula or screwdriver, the tip of the tool that comes into contact with the mirror must be wrapped with tape. So you do not scratch the surface of the mirror.
  7. After the mirror surface is removed, the body of the side mirror will be ready for further disassembly. Remove the panel to which the mirror surface is attached. Under the lid is a mechanism that is responsible for turning the mirror.

Now you know how to disassemble the side view mirror. Further analysis is individual for each brand of car, because all the side view mirrors have a different design.