How to determine the license disk

The most important difference is the price.diska. Licenseddiskcan not cost less than 600 rubles. If in doubt, visit the manufacturer's website and check the price there. Ifdiskforeign manufacturer, then translate the price at the rate of the national bank.
Pay attention to the cover design.diska. Unlicenseddiskmost often decorated appropriately: the image will be of poor quality and on thin paper. Translation of the description will be incomplete, some of the information will be listed in English (do not confuse this information with the names of spare parts for components and programs - they are usually not translated). Pirate production does not imply the cash costs of high-quality design.
Pay attention to the packaging.diska. Licenseddiskand have high-quality strong packaging often transparent color, with a convenient mountdiskand in the middle. Piratediskand usually put in bad quality black plastic. It is also worth noting that the licensediskAh fully described information about the manufacturer. As practice shows, licenseddiskand have built-in protection that does not allow creating copies, and there are also special check digits on the box that must be entered when installing the game.
Pay attention to the presence of holograms and bonuses in the packagediska. Piratediskand may contain fake holograms, but in them you will never find bonus information in the form of booklets or coupons, also well-designed. If you have any doubts aboutdiskand that you want to purchase, ask the seller to present documents for the purchased goods.