How to determine the type of skin?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
September 8, 2014
How to determine the type of skin?

Knowing your skin type, you can correctly select the best creams and care products. This will make it possible to effectively cleanse the face, to maintain its beauty and youth. How to determine the type of skin, described below.

Signs of dry and sensitive skin

Such skin has its specific characteristics:

  • pores on the face are almost invisible;
  • skin always looks dull and delicate;
  • rash rarely appears on the face;
  • after sun exposure and cosmetic procedures on the face there are strong reddening;
  • skin prone to flaking;
  • wrinkles appear early on it.

This type of face is the most difficult to care for, since special cosmetics are needed, and it is also necessary to use UV protection creams with high SPF (at least 20). Before applying them, you need to make a test on a small area of ​​the skin to make sure that they do not cause a rash on the face.

Signs of oily skin

Oily skin is extremely common. These signs are peculiar to him:

  • wrinkles appear later than on other types;
  • there are luster and wide pores on the face, in which black dots (comedones) are often observed;
  • skin prone to acne;
  • face has a grayish or yellowish tint;
  • it looks coarse in appearance, but irritations appear on it after cosmetic procedures.

For this type of skin, bactericidal and matting agents are required. Then the face will look beautiful and well-groomed.

Symptoms of combination skin

Continuing the topic of how to find out what type of skin, you should definitely stay on the combination. It has the following features:

  • the skin around the eyes and cheeks dry;
  • wrinkles appear early on the face;
  • in the region of the T-zone, the pores are enlarged;
  • peeling and irritation often occurs in dry areas.

For such skin requires special care. It is necessary to use products with effective components with a wide spectrum of action. They must be designed exclusively for the combined type of person.

Signs of a normal skin type

To determine this type of skin can be on these grounds:

  • the face has imperceptible pores;
  • skin is firm and elastic;
  • irritations and rashes are rare;
  • The skin has a matte shade.

Care for such skin is very simple. It is necessary to use conventional means and face cream.