How to delete a link?

Links are a very convenient thing because they allow us to quickly navigate to the desired website. But what if there are extra links that interfere with normal operation? How to delete a link that you do not need or does harm?

Text documents

Often people have to edit texts found on the Internet using text editors. Since hyperlinks are commonly used in articles on the web, they are copied to a text editor and remain there. There are some simple tricks to help you understand how to delete a link in a Word.

If you need to remove absolutely all hyperlinks in the document, select all the text (for this you can press Ctrl + A), then use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + F9. After this simple manipulation, all links from the text will be deleted. You can also click on the selected text with the right mouse button and select the “Delete hyperlink” menu item.

In the case when you need to get rid of only a specific link, you can click on the text to which it is attached, and choose from the context menu "Remove hyperlink".This link will be removed, and all other hyperlinks in the text will remain intact.


The most popular engine for sites today is Wordpress. For him, the network has a lot of plug-ins and design templates that you can use for free. In most of the themes, the creators insert links to their official website, which the owners of the website really do not like, so they are looking for ways to remove the Wordpress link.

In order to remove the link from the WordPress theme, you will need to edit the code in the design template files. So you should look through all the theme files and find links in them. To do this, in the admin panel you need to go to the menu item "Appearance - Editor." As a rule, the links are enclosed in the <a> tag, in which you will see the website address, as well as the words to which the link is attached. Remove the tag with this text and save the file. To quickly find a link, use the TAC plugin, which will tell you which file exactly which links are located.


The Yandex search engine has a very large database of indexed pages. Sometimes site owners remove certain pages from them and want them to disappear from Yandex search results so that there are no links to error pages.

Many webmasters do not know how to delete a link in Yandex, because not everyone has to do it. To delete a specific page, go to the address and specify the link you want to delete.

This method will work only if access to the specified page is closed in the site's robots.txt file, it will be fully enclosed in the noindex tag, or when accessing it, the server will generate a 404 error.


Very often, computer users are puzzled by the question of how to delete a link from the registry, as it may contain unnecessary or already deleted programs. In order to do this, you need to go to Start - Search and enter the name of the utility: Regedit.exe. In the utility's right menu, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall

You will see a list of all possible links to delete. Select the one you need and delete it. If you do not have experience in cleaning the registry or you do not know what to remove, it is better to assign this task to a more experienced user.