How to decorate the hall with your own hands?

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How to decorate the hall with your own hands?

Any celebration will be more interesting and memorable if carefully prepared for it. This also applies to the decoration of the hall, because the guests will first of all pay attention to it. Beautiful design gives a festive, uplifting. How to decorate the hall with your own hands? Special knowledge is not needed for this, you just need to show a little imagination.

We make the hall for the celebration

What birthday, wedding, graduation do without balloons? The best option is to stock up on gel balls. Connect 5 balls together and tie them to the backs of chairs or place them on the floor with a sinker.

A few more options on how to decorate the hall with your own hands with the help of balls:

  • Make a simple figure, for example, a cat's face (a circle and two triangles) and attach it to the wall.
  • Make hearts from balloons if you are planning to marry.
  • Scatter the balls randomly around the perimeter of the room.
  • Collect a garland of balls and hang it diagonally or leave it hanging down.

Feel free to experiment: you can use toys as decorations,decorate the hallYou can cut wide strips of shiny paper and stick them on the walls. Such decor always looks very impressive and at the same time is simple in execution.

Despite the fact that confetti is considered a New Year attribute, it can be used everywhere, especially brilliant confetti.

For a romantic party, use rose petals with which to sprinkle the tables.

Add a Christmas tree garland to the overall design by hanging it by the door, window or wall. Beautifully look garlands of flowers. You can use both live and artificial flowers.

You can hang wall posters, but do not overdo it: just two withdecorate the hallshort inscriptions.

On the table, lay a light tablecloth, put napkins, do not interfere with candles of the same shade in the center, fruit in vases. It is necessary to prepare cards for each guest, where his name will be indicated, and place them near the plates, in order to make the guests sit without any fuss.

Halloween hall decoration

Since Halloween is a young but popular holiday for our country, we will tell you how to decorate a room for this celebration.

  • Red, black, purple and orange are suitable for such a holiday.decorate the hallcolors.
  • Place a black or maroon tablecloth on the table, the candles should also be dark.
  • The legs of the table obtyanite dark tights and at the base put shoes - get the feet of an old witch.
  • Add details that add to the eerie atmosphere. For example, create a spider out of a black painted pumpkin, paint the eyes. Paws can be made from wire.
  • And, of course, be sure to use the appropriate music.

As you can see, in order to decorate the hall for a holiday, you do not need to spend a lot of money and time. And the effect can be amazing if you approach the matter with interest.