How did you create Minecraft?

Minecraft translates to English as the "craft of mining." The name itself speaks about the essence of the game. Minecraft is a game of construction, survival and absolute freedom of action in a world of cubes. Cubes can be broken down and collected from them materials, with which you can then create new things. In addition, the world of Minecraft is inhabited by different creatures and animals. Some are friendly, while others who appear more often at night are not. Consequently, the main task, in addition to the construction and arrangement of space, is survival.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world play the game. It is updated, new details are introduced. The game Minecraft is multifaceted and interesting, and also gives a huge freedom of choice and action. But few people know how to create Minecraft. But most fans know who created the popular game, because the whole world knows the name of this person.

Who created Minecraft?

The idea of ​​the game Minecraft belongs to the Swedish programmer Marcus Persson, who today is better known as Notch. Notch has always been keen on game design and game creation.He has many developments, some of which have been successful, while others are almost forgotten. But the most important game that changed his life and made in one year a millionaire - Minecraft.

Initially, the game was supposed to be a clone of Infiniminer with a gameplay similar to Dwarf Fortress. It is not known why the development went in a different direction, but the brainchild that appeared instantly gained success on the Internet.

In 2010, after a week of development, Notch showed the game to the world. And on December 20, 2010, Minecraft moved to beta. Until November 17, 2011, the game was being tested, in which simple players were also allowed. By that time, the absolute majority of gamers in the world knew about the game and was looking forward to the release.

When the game gained popularity, Mojang AB was created, which still exists today and improves the game instead of Notch, which resigned. A three-person studio completes the work on the game and releases it both electronically and in retail.

In 2011 alone, the company sold 3 million copies of the game, and in May 2013 a bar of 16 million players was recorded.

How to create a game Minecraft?

A game written in Java using the LWJGL library is available on almost all platforms in the world.

Minecraft uses low-resolution textures and graphically resembles 64-bit style games of old consoles. Because of this, it weighs little, practically does not load the system when generating the world and is perfectly optimized.

Minecraft has powerful tools for creating mods and a huge number of modders around the world who come up with something new and interesting every day. Sometimes even copies of other popular games inside Minecraft are created. All the most interesting and successful mods are added by developers to the game.

In addition to the single-player game, Minecraft also boasts a multiplayer mode in which friends and random people in a randomly generated world can play.

Public response

The game, created by one developer, won the “Take-off generation” award and won the “Indy of the Year” nomination according to the “Igromania” magazine. The game also has high marks among critics in the range of 90-100 points, based on 19 reviews of famous magazines and reviewers.

From the very first show, the news of the miracle game spread through the Internet at an incredible speed. The 2011 Minecon Festival in Las Vegas, where dedicated fans gathered for exhibitions, was attended by residents of 23 countries, children and adults under the age of 77. Seeing such a variety was amazing.All of them collected a simple game written in a week. The game was presented to the public in the hall, made in the style of Minecraft. Contests, prizes, the opportunity to play your favorite game and chat with developers - all this inspired a huge number of people to attend the conference.

In a short period, the game has passed an amazing way of creating, developing and conquering millions of hearts in the world. Thanks to the efforts of Notch and his company Mojang AB, the game has become truly iconic. Minecraft is still being updated thanks to the efforts of Jens Bergenstena, until it is considered complete.