How to create a test?

Tests are different: psychological, intellectual, personal, entertaining. And if the first three types are primarily focused on results, then the last ones are on the process, therefore they should be original and fascinating.

Why do we need entertainment tests

To understand how to create an interesting entertainment test, you first need to figure out what purpose it is for. Tests make it possible to feel your uniqueness, look at yourself from the other side, learn something new and unusual about yourself. For example, in the test results “Is it pleasant to communicate with you?” You can read that you are a sociable person, a “company soul”, or that you are not very sociable, but an attentive listener, and even if you knew it, it’s still nice just remind yourself of your merits.

Convenient constructors for creating tests are on the services “Test Bank”, “Your Test”, “Master Test”, “Classmarker”, “Proprofs”. Read more about these applications in our article - How to make your own test.

How to create a mega test

The application "Mega Test" in the contact - allows you to test the full program. To do this, just run it in your account and open the directory.And to create your own mega test, you need:

  1. Open the "Text Editor" tab.
  2. Enter the code word GOD and activate the editor.
  3. Click the Add Test button.
  4. Set the main parameters of the test:
    • in the "Who can take the test" field, click "All" if your test is intended for all users, or "Only girls / boys";
    • in the “Name” field, enter the full name of the test, for example, “Who will you become in the future?”;
    • in the field “Description” briefly indicate the essence of the test. You have to explain what can be learned by passing it: “If you are ready to look into the future, pass this test and see who you will become by profession”;
    • In the “Icon” field, upload an image that most closely matches the test subject. This picture will be reflected in the catalog;
    • In the "Cover" field, insert a similar thematic image previously stored on your computer.
  5. Fill out the list of test questions:
    • In the "Question" field, enter the first question, for example "Who do you dream to become?", and below fill in the possible answers: "designer", "pilot", "teacher" and so on. To go to the next question you need to close the window and click "Add a question" in the row "Listtest questions ";
    • In the field "Picture" you can insert a picture corresponding to the question.
  6. Fill out the test results. After the survey, you need to write the text under the basic combination of answers. To do this, tick the different answers one by one and describe what this or that combination may mean. Each result must be accompanied by a picture.
  7. After all the fields are filled in, the “Run test” button will appear in the menu. You need to press it, and the test will be published and sent to the moderator for verification.

What to ask

Pick up the subject of the test based on what may be interesting to you and others: films, books, fairy tales, games, hobbies, recreation, knowledge of a particular subject. Fun and funny tests are very popular: “Who are you from the series?”, “Do you have manic tendencies?”, “Does the chef like you?”, “Which of you will be president?”, Etc. The results of such tests, as well as questions, should not be serious, but rather amuse and elevate mood.

Come up with some leading questions on the topic. So, if it sounds: “What cat are you?”, Ask “where would you walk, being a cat?”, “Where would you sleep?”, “Which color would you prefer?” Think about what conclusions can be drawn from the answers .If a cat likes to walk on roofs, sleep in trees, and prefers a fiery reddish color, then we deal with a very brave tiger, and if he liked to walk on roofs, and sleep on the couch, then it’s rather a domestic tiger cub. Do the same with other combinations of answers.