How to create a boot disk?

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How to create a boot disk?

Previously, not everyone could reinstall the system on a computer. This seemed to be a very serious task, which only an experienced specialist could do. As the computer literacy of the population increased, such simple computer operations were increasingly performed independently. In this article, we will describe how to create a boot disk for the Windows 7 or 8 operating system and which programs you will need for this.

Now, in most cases, when installing the operating system, it is not the disk with Windows that is purchased, but only the key to it. Files of the system itself are downloaded from the Internet. To later install the system on a computer, it must first be written to a disk or USB flash drive. For this you will need to use a special program.

Program selection

The choice of various software for recording disk images is now huge. Most of these programs are paid, but some of them are free.In this article, we will describe how to create an image of a boot disk using the Ashampoo Burning Studio program, which is among the latter. This multifunctional program allows you to create CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs with various multimedia files, backup data, images and projects.

We will need to download and install a program on the computer, and we will also need a blank DVD disc, on which we will write it.

Instructions for recording

Installing the program Ashampoo Burning Studio does not cause much difficulty, since you have the opportunity to change the interface language of the program to Russian. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the screen. Therefore, we will not dwell on this in detail and go straight to the procedure for creating a boot disk.

  1. Run the program to burn a disc.
  2. In the main menu, go to Create / Burn disc image and Burn CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc from disc image.
  3. Next to the line to record the path to the disk image, click the Browse button.
  4. Find the folder where the disk image we downloaded earlier is stored and select the file that interests you by clicking Open.
  5. After the path to the required file is set in the Path of the disk image, click Next.
  6. Insert the disc to write to the drive and wait for the system to check its suitability. Then click on the Change Options button.
  7. In the window that opens, you can configure additional recording options such as finalizing the disk and using the Disk At Once recording method, as well as select the recording speed of the disk.
  8. Give the command Burn DVD and wait for the end of the recording process.
  9. If the recording was successful, at the end you will see a window with the notification “DVD image was recorded successfully!”.
  10. By pressing the exit, you exit the program.

After the system is installed, we recommend that you do not throw away the boot disk. It is useful to you, if suddenly the Windows system files on your hard drive are damaged and you will need to repair them.