How to make minced meat?

If you open any cookbook and take a closer look at the recipes printed in it, you will notice that many of them begin with the words: "First you need to cook the stuffing." Minced meat is usually made from meat or fish fillet, which is ground in a meat grinder, food processor, or finely chopped with a knife by hand. Also, sometimes cooked vegetable or mushroom stuffing. To improve the flavor, garlic, onions and various spices are often added to the minced meat.

How to cook minced meat

Forcemeat can be cooked from one type of meat or from several types, mixing them in a certain proportion.

Stuffing for meatballs

The most popular stuffing for homemade meatballs is made from beef and pork, taken in equal proportions.

  1. Meat before cooking stuffing should be washed and cut into small pieces. Crush it in a meat grinder. It often happens that the meat is difficult to pass through its grate, it is crumpled and produces a lot of juice. Try before it a little freeze meat, and you will see that things will go much easier and faster. Pieces of meat are laid in a meat grinder,alternating them with quartered onions, chives, and slices of stale white bread, pre-soaked in milk and then well wrung.
  2. After you get the stuffing, it will need to be minced again.
  3. Then minced salt, pepper and mix well with your hands.
  4. For one kilogram of meat, you will need two medium-sized onions, three cloves of garlic, 200 grams of white bread, a glass of milk for soaking, one and a half teaspoons of salt (without a hill) and black pepper to taste.
  5. Some housewives, instead of bread, add two raw finely grated potatoes to the meat patty. It is believed that the potato gives special tenderness to ready-made meatballs.

How to make minced chicken

Chicken mince can be cooked from individual parts of the carcass, for example, breasts or legs, but it is best to make it from the whole meat of one large chicken.

  1. Before cooking minced carcass poultry should be washed and dried. Then it is necessary to remove the skin from the chicken - it is better not to start mince it, since with it it will be too fat.
  2. After that, with the bones of a sharp knife should cut all the meat to the very last piece.
  3. Bread, salt, pepper and onions per kilogram of chicken meat you need as much as in the previous recipe.Garlic is not added to chicken mince, as a rule, although this is, of course, a matter of taste. Onion should be finely chopped separately and add it to the already prepared stuffing. In addition, to improve the taste in chicken mince sometimes add not raw onions, but pre-fried in butter.
  4. Chicken meat is very juicy, therefore, it is better to chop it in a food processor that cuts meat with knives, rather than pushing it through the grate. If there is no such facility on the farm, then it is worth remembering advice on freezing (see above).
  5. Chicken mince cutlets often fall apart when frying. To prevent this from happening, raw eggs must be added to the stuffing. After the minced meat is ready, add one raw egg (per 1 kg of minced meat), prepared onions, then salt and pepper and then mix well.

How to make minced fish

You can cook good minced fish not from all types of fish. Pike perch, pike, catfish, pollock and hake are best suited for this. These breeds of fish have practically no small and sharp bones, their meat is dense and white without a pronounced specific fish smell.

  1. Before you start cooking mince, the fish should be washed, cleaned of scales, gutted and cut into fillets without skin and costal bones.
  2. Then the prepared fillet must be very cool.A bowl, where then there will be stuffing, it is desirable to put in a large container filled with crushed ice.
  3. Further, the cooking process is similar to the process of cooking minced chicken (see above). Small differences are as follows: since the meat of these fish is very thin, a small piece of softened butter is added to the mince, instead of bread, grated raw potatoes are used more often, and semolina (1 tablespoon per kilogram of fish) is added to the fish mass to make cutlets were more dense.

Now that you already know how to cook the minced meat, it remains to find out what can be made from it. Let us give you one recipe as an example.

Zrazy with mushrooms

For cooking, you need a kilogram of minced meat, half a kilo of fresh champignons, a large onion, greens, pepper, salt, breadcrumbs and vegetable oil for frying.

  1. Mushrooms and onions should be cleaned, washed and finely chopped. Fry the onions, add the mushrooms and fry them until they are ready.
  2. Salt and pepper mushroom filling, sprinkle with chopped greens and mix.
  3. Form small lozenges of minced meat, put one spoonful of filling in the center of each of them, roll each cake, giving it a pie shape.
  4. Zrazy prepared in this way should be rolled in breadcrumbs and fried in a large amount of butter, until they are well browned.