How to conquer Cancer?

Have you met a representative or representative of the zodiac sign Cancer? You have been impressed by this acquaintance and would you like to continue it? In this article we will talk about how to win the heart of Cancer. Consider the representatives of both sexes.

Male cancer

It should be remembered that this sign is one of the most vulnerable and refined. The approach to the people of such a warehouse should be special. If you want to get a man of this zodiac sign to his friends and partners, then you should show maximum attention to him. Talk about how to conquer a man of cancer.

  • Cancers are aesthetes and intellectuals, they love to visit exhibitions and museums. If you do not like culture, then you should not pretend, it means that cancer is not your man.
  • Cancers in no case be offended. They are incredibly emotional and their opinions can change several times.
  • Cancers love to be alone. The best thing to do in this case is to leave them alone. A sense of tact they will appreciate very high.
  • Cancer is very important inner shell of a man, so a woman must in front of him fully open.He needs this so that he can support and comfort her at the right moment, it is important for him to feel himself a protector.
  • Emotional connection comes first for crayfish. He will be very happy if you feel it. To do this, you need to carefully listen to what he says and try to fulfill his desires at the most unexpected moment.
  • A quick cancer relationship does not suit. Only leisurely communication, general impressions and emotions can create the basis for your relationship.
  • In life, these men want to achieve financial stability.
  • Cancers love to make surprises.
  • These men are very comfortable and feel good in their own home.
  • They are romantics, having fallen in love with a woman, the crabs will strive, without fail to build deep relationships.
  • If you show a genuine interest in his childhood, family, past achievements, you can win cancer forever. But this should be done carefully and gradually, otherwise it can be scared away.

Cancer woman

  • And now we learn how to conquer a woman of cancer. It differs significantly from the man of this sign in character and behavior. It should be remembered that cancer is a special sign of the zodiac.For many men, a woman born under him is a mystery that cannot be solved, but she really wants to. What gives her this mystery?
  • Conquering a woman of cancer, do not forget that she is extremely fragile and vulnerable, and really needs your tenderness and care. Do not forget to meet her from work on the way home, help her carry bags, if she gets sick, immediately negotiate with doctors. She must understand that you are always near and at her first call are ready to help. Believe me, this affects the woman of Cancer is much stronger than the chic bouquets of flowers and expensive perfumes.
  • Cancers hate conflicts. It is hard for them to worry about squabbles and scandals, after such events, they can hardly calm down. Remember, there are no people without flaws, learn to accept your beloved woman the way she is. If for any reason you get annoyed, then you can hardly find the answer to the question of how to fall in love with a woman of Cancer.
  • Treat her problems with understanding, learn to listen and hear the chosen one. A woman is Cancer, as no one needs to have the right shoulder of a loved one, who is capable of empathy and sympathy, next to her.Even if you have to bore a couple of hours, the main thing is to make your beloved comfortable.
  • It is necessary to communicate with her family, in no case do not forget to congratulate them on various holidays. Such a woman should see that her world is your world too. You are always ready to share with her joy and sorrow and live a common life. You ask, and where does the relatives. For her, these people are extremely important, and they will not remain indifferent to the person who loves her. Never stop her from communicating with your friends. It should not seem to her that you want to separate from her.
  • Cancer woman has an incredible intuition and sensitivity, it can not be offended in any case. She can hide the insult deeply, but she cannot forget her, because it hurts her too much. Change it, just strongly, we do not recommend. She will expose you anyway and most likely will not forgive.

So you learned how to conquer cancer. Build your relationships and remember that the main thing in them is your love and sincerity, regardless of what zodiac sign your partner belongs to.