How to connect the TV through the router?

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How to connect the TV through the router?

Today, progress is leaps and bounds. If before TVs could only connect to a satellite dish, today many TVs have built-in Wi-Fi wireless LAN modules, LAN ports and the ability to connect to the Internet. This gives a huge advantage to the multimedia capabilities of the TV. Now you can watch videos not only using satellite television, but also from the Internet, as well as create a home network for transferring files and streaming video without the need to download movies, music and other files.

However, not every user of the Internet and TV knows how to connect the TV through a router to the Internet. Consider this question together.

How to connect the TV to the router

There are two simple ways to connect a TV via a router to the Internet:

  • Wireless Wi-Fi using built-in or stand-alone Wi-Fi network module.
  • By cable connected to the router.

Cable connection

To connect the TV to the router via a wire, you will need to buy a special UTP cat 5 network patch cord and plug it into a free LAN port in the router and the other end into the correct port on the TV. If you do not want to pull the wire around the room, then you can purchase special PowerLine-adapters that will transmit signals through the power grid.

To set up the TV and connect to the network:

  1. Find in the settings of the TV section "Network".
  2. Click on the item "Network Setup". In this case, an automatic search should configure the network to the Internet. It is only important to specify the type of connection. In our case, this cable. TV when setting up will receive an ip-address from the router.
  3. Check the connection by opening a browser and accessing any site.

Thus, the TV is connected to the router by cable. However, this option is not very convenient because of the need to pull the wire around the room.

Connecting via a wireless Wi-Fi network

An adapter is required to connect the TV wirelessly. In new TV models, there is always a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, but if you have an old TV, then in this case you will need to buy a Wi-Fi adapter separately.The Wi-Fi access point costs not so much money today, and you can buy it at any computer hardware store.

Setting up the connection on the TV is the same pattern as in the previous paragraph. It is only necessary to select the item “Wireless connection” and the necessary Wi-Fi network in the auto setup.

This method of connection is good because you do not have to pull the wires around the room, and the wireless Wi-Fi network is always useful for other devices in the apartment.