How to connect the tablet to the router?

Elena Melnichenko
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How to connect the tablet to the router?

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How to connect the tablet to the router?

Despite the ease of use of the tablet, very often users have a problem with connecting it to the router to access the Internet. In order to connect the tablet to the router, you need to clearly define what connectivity the tablet has.

Tablet connection

Most modern tablet computers are equipped with WI-FI. This fact greatly facilitates the task before us. If you do not know how to connect the tablet to the router, then you need to follow the instructions:

  1. We check the WI-FI settings on the router. The wireless network must be activated. To facilitate the connection of the tablet to the router, enable the DHCP server on the router. This is done in the LAN section of the web interface of the router.
  2. In the tablet settings, you need to find the WI-FI section, here we move the slider to the on position with a finger.
  3. Click on the WI-FI section and hold down for a couple of seconds to open the settings of the wireless module.
  4. From the list of networks available for connection, we choose our router, if necessary, enter the password and press the button to connect.

Everything, our device is connected to a WI-FI router. You can try to go online.

Connectivity issues

It would seem - if everything is so simple, then why then many people have problems with connecting the router? In fact, the causes of these difficulties are also quite simple, and they can be easily corrected.

  1. A tablet on the Android platform can only work with a certain type of encryption, which should be considered when choosing a router.
  2. For tablets on the SYMBIAN OS, access to DHCP addresses should be adjusted.
  3. If you previously connected the tablet to the WI-FI network, then for the new connection, you need to select a new network connection in the settings and enter the password.
  4. If the tablet does not see any network at all, you should contact the service center for troubleshooting.