How to clean the water?

Everyone has long known that drinking tap water is extremely undesirable, and sometimes it can be, which is dangerous. Even after boiling such water can harm your health. You can buy already purified water, but it is quite expensive and you can get to the fake. So what to do? Maybe there is a way to clean the water at home? Of course there is, besides not one! We offer to learn the most common and simple ways how to purify water.

Water settling

Due to the fact that the tap water is chlorinated to destroy the pathogenic bacteria in it, the water must be defended so that the same chlorine can settle in it. In addition, in this way you will also get rid of volatile impurities and heavy metals. To get defended water, you need:

  1. Pour it into the vessel and leave it at rest for 6-7 hours. Cover should not be closed. In the first 3 hours, volatile impurities will evaporate, followed by heavy metals and salts.
  2. Carefully drain three quarters of the water into a prepared clean container.
  3. Pour the rest.

Silicon saturation

Silicon can be found in the pharmacy.This miraculous stone is able to heal from 100 diseases. Silicon has disinfectant properties. Upon contact with water, it nourishes it with trace elements, cleans and gives a pleasant taste. After several months of such water purification, you will bid farewell to many diseases. The process of obtaining purified water using silicon is very simple:

  1. Wash the chert and throw in a jar with poured water.
  2. Let stand for a day.
  3. After that, you can drink the water, cook her food, herbal teas and teas.


It is worth noting that the water purified by freezing releases a large amount of energy that saturates the tissues of our body. This method is good for getting rid of salts and heavy metals in water. Melt water is good for the skin. It improves the body's metabolism, removes toxins and activates the regenerative processes. How to freeze water:

  1. Pour water into the vessel and place in the freezer for 7-8 hours.
  2. Remove the ice crust formed at the top of the dish (it contains impurities of heavy metals) and pour the water into a clean container.
  3. Again, put the water in the freezer for a longer time - 10 - 12 hours.
  4. The water remaining in the liquid state is drained - it is harmful. And the one that is frozen can be melted and consumed raw.

Note: if you have frozen the water, you should know that only clear ice is useful. Muddy ice contains harmful substances.


Few know how to purify water with salt. And, this is one of the easiest ways, of course, it is suitable for lovers of salty. Cleaning Method:

  1. Pour the right amount of water into the container.
  2. Pour salt into it with the calculation of 1 tablespoon and a half - two liters of water.
  3. Dissolve the salt and let the water stand for 20 minutes. By this time, some species of microbes will die in it and will sink to the bottom of the salt of heavy metals.

Charcoal cleaning

If you need to clean the water, for example in a hiking trip or just outdoors, grab a few packs of activated carbon.

  1. Pack the tablets tightly in cotton wool or a piece of gauze.
  2. Lower them to the bottom of the water tank.

Already in the morning, the water will be purified and ready for use. Using this method, you need to make sure that the water is in a cool place. Otherwise, coal may become the habitat of microorganisms.


You can even clear the water with silver. Useful properties of this metal are known to people for a long time. Silver ions are able to perfectly clean the water and make it suitable for drinking.

  1. Type water in a clean container.
  2. Put a silver object on the bottom. It is best to use metal 999 samples.

Silver-purified water is stored for much longer and does not lose its beneficial properties. The disadvantage of this cleaning is the toxicity of silver. Therefore, the water, after such a filtration, you need to drink dosed and not abuse it.


In everyday life, people often use "cleaning filters for water. This is a very convenient, but quite expensive way. To get" chemically purified water using a household filter, it is enough to pour tap water into a special tank and wait about 5 minutes to completely filter it. . For more information about which filter is best for water, you can find out here: "".

No matter what method of water filtration you choose, you must first of all think about your health and the health of your loved ones. The cleaner the water gets into the body, the better it will affect your appearance, well-being and health.It has long been established that in 80% of cases it is water that causes various diseases, such as bronchitis, stomatitis, laryngitis, diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It is the use of poor-quality dirty water by people that causes outbreaks of cholera, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases.

Do not forget that water can be cleaned at home, without using technical means and artificial filters. Water after natural purification is not only free from heavy metals and salts, but also has healing properties. Use purified water every day and you will notice an improvement in your well-being.