How to clean the radiator

This problem has to be faced very often, especially at the beginning of the heating season. The reasons why this happens can be many. And before you decide to replaceradiators, consider cleaning them up. Before this, check:
• whether taps are open, disconnecting the radiators from the system and are not blocked. Opening / closing taps several times, try to clean them;
• Has air entered the heating system? To eliminate this cause, remove the air accumulated there through the battery-mounted Mayevsky taps;
• whether the pump is operating to circulate water in the heating system (if the house is private).
If checked, found, eliminated all of the above malfunctions, and the radiator remains cold, the reason for this could be its clogging with rust, dirt, which is brought in by water. In order to clean the radiator from all this "good", it is necessary to remove it.Before this, do not forget to flush the water from the heating system and turn off the taps through which the radiator is connected.
The most elementary is to wash the removed radiator with water. To do this, place it in a bath and rinse it with a jet of water through the hose in the opposite direction of circulation. Rinse until the flowing water is clear, free of dirt and rust.
The use of chemicals for washing is limited by the properties of the material from which the radiators are made. Cast iron radiators can be cleaned by pouring caustic soda solution into them for a while.