How to choose wedding decorations?

Wedding decorations are an important part of the image. And if they are chosen correctly, then this image will be ideal. But what should I look for when choosing?

What decorations are needed?

What kind of jewelry should I buy? In principle, you can do without them, especially if the dress is bright. Some models completely cover the neckline and neck, so the necklace will simply not be visible. Earrings should be worn only if the ears are open.

The bracelet will emphasize the elegance of the hands of the bride, but may distract attention from the dress. And if a dress with long sleeves is chosen, then such an accessory will be completely unnecessary. The ring is undesirable, because all attention should be paid to the cherished wedding ring.

You should not wear several jewelry at once, it will look too elaborate and colorful. It is better to limit two or three accessories. Moreover, it is desirable to purchase a kit, since it is very difficult to pick up several separate and similar in style elements.

What should be?

What requirements must meet wedding decorations?

  • Remember that accessories are only part of the wedding image, but not its main part.
  • Observe moderation, otherwise you will not look like an elegant bride, but a magpie, collecting all the brilliant.
  • Jewelry must match the other elements of the image. Inconsistency will make the image absurd and careless.
  • Accessories should be combined with the appearance of the bride and it is advantageous to emphasize her dignity.
  • Remember and conformity to the nature of the bride. So, if she is a timid, romantic and dreamy person, you should not choose too bright jewelry. But they will suit the courageous and confident girls.
  • Comfort. It is no less important, because the bride should not be distracted by anything.

How to make a choice?

How to choose suitable wedding decorations for the bride? There are several important points to consider when choosing.


Ornaments should complement the wedding dress and match it.

Criterias of choice:

  • The appearance of the dress. If it is bright and richly decorated, the decorations should be as concise as possible. Beautiful and interesting accessories are combined with rather simple and elegant models of dresses.
  • Dress style. Ornaments should match it.So, the classic fluffy dress will be combined with delicate and romantic accessories. For a strict model is to choose an elegant decoration. A stylish and bright dress can be supplemented with a modern original accessory.
  • The color of the dress. Warm shades such as beige or champagne are in harmony with gold-plated ornaments. If the dress is white, then it is better to choose a model of silvery hue. As for the color of the stones, it is desirable to choose it in the tone of the dress, so that the decorations do not stand out too much against the general background. But it is permissible to match the tone of accessories, for example, a bouquet or a belt of a dress or a dress decor. And too bright contrasts should be avoided, they will distract attention from the bride herself, attracting him to the accessories.
  • Dress cutout. If it is asymmetrical, you don’t need to wear anything around your neck, as in the case of the “American” neckline. For a U-shaped cut, it is worth picking up accessories that repeat its shape, for example, beads of medium length, which favorably emphasize the cleavage zone. Cut in the shape of a heart can be called universal, as it is combined with almost any accessories.You can choose a fairly large jewelry, such as a multi-tiered necklace or beads, worn in several rows. A strapless dress with a straight edge will be combined with a simple necklace or beads adjacent to the neck. If the cutout is V-shaped, then it is worth opting for elegant pendants and pendants. Square neckline suggests simple jewelry. Ideal option is a string of beads, fitting neck.
  • Dress style An A-line dress or a Greek-style dress will be combined with original vintage items, such as necklaces or large pendants, as well as wide bracelets and volume earrings with stones. Classic dress is best combined with romantic and delicate accessories: low-key and not too wide necklaces, pendants or pendants, earrings, carnations, delicate bracelets. If you chose a mermaid or fish style model, the jewelry should be flawless, sparkling, strict, clean and stylish at the same time. It can be concise necklace with diamonds, adjacent to the neck, earrings, droplets.

Hairstyle and hair color

If the bride is a burning brunette, then she can pay attention to the original and rather bright jewelry, they will be in harmony with the hair color and complement the image.And blondes should pay attention to more romantic and gentle models.

If the hairstyle implies loose hair or curls falling on the shoulders, then you should choose concise beads and stud earrings. If the hair is collected, then you can choose elongated catkins droplets. With a magnificent hairdo, quite large earrings can be combined.

Face shape

If the bride is chubby, then she should pay attention to beads of medium length, pendants and pendants, as well as long and flat earrings. Owners of an elongated or oval face, it is desirable to choose round earrings adjacent to the lobes and not far from them.

Suitable short necklaces and beads. If the face is thin, then volume earrings will definitely be irrelevant, they look ridiculous. Wide and pronounced cheekbones will help to make elongated beads or necklaces softer and more feminine.

It is worth paying attention to facial features. If they are large, avoid small elements, they will create a contrast effect and only exacerbate the situation. But such jewelry will suit girls with small features.


The ideal option is jewelry, expensive jewelry should be left for other occasions.But it should be of high quality, as low-quality metals can cause an allergic reaction, which will be very inappropriate on such an important day. But the exception is pearls, it must be natural. Pearl jewelry emphasizes femininity and romanticism of the bride.

An interesting option would be the moonstone. For decoration can be used crystals, rhinestones or rhinestones. They must be clean and create shine and interesting play on the sun. Rhinestones, pearl and even plastic flowers are acceptable.

Let the jewelry help create the perfect image and make it feminine, elegant and romantic!

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