How to choose stockings?

Recently, women are abandoning stockings in favor of more comfortable tights. But men think that stockings make a woman more sexy. So, is it worth refusing to wear stockings, and how to choose the right stockings?

From stocking history

In the Middle Ages in Europe, both men and women wore Shoss - trouser legs made of cloth that were fastened to their belts. The Europeans learned to knit stockings in the 13th century. from the Arabs. But knitwear for a long time could not displace stockings from velvet, silk and lace.

After the invention of the knitting machine (at the end of the XVI century), knitted stockings are gaining popularity. At that time only men could boast stockings; for women, they were hidden under their clothes and were considered an intimate detail. From the nineteenth century. fashion for long pants displaces stockings from the men's wardrobe. Women's stockings are beginning to decorate in every way with embroidery, appliqués and so on.

The era of women's stockings began to flourish in the 20th century, from the beginning of which artificial silk stockings have been produced. In 1939, nylon appeared, which became firmly established in the post-war years. And invented in 1959, elastane (or lycra) made the stockings more elastic and durable.

Choosing stockings

Now women resort to the help of stockings in especially solemn or responsible cases.How to choose stockings to make it beautiful and comfortable? First of all, we must pay attention to the quality of the product. The higher the percentage of lycra content, the better the stockings fit the legs and the longer they wear. Extend the socks and reinforced heel and toe. Do not forget to smell the product: too sharp, unpleasant smell indicates low-quality dyes and raw materials.

How to choose stockings in size so that they are not going to fold? It is necessary to refer to the table on the package, where the correspondences of height, weight and volume are indicated. Special attention should be paid to the gum. It should be flexible, wide enough, but not very compressive. Silicone inserts perfectly hold stockings.

If you prefer to wear stockings with a belt, then think for yourself whether the belt will not be too elegant to stand out under the clothes. If such a toilet detail is necessary for a special occasion, take care of a more fluffy skirt. The rules of good tone do not allow, because of the outstanding garters or the length of the skirt, it is noticeable that the woman has stockings.

As for color, the classic option is considered to be bodily stockings. Black products are worn with dark clothes only.however, the view should not be vulgar. Stockings of different colors, with patterns, drawings are in fashion now. But such stockings should not contradict the general image.

Compression knit

For diseases of the veins, or if you are on your feet for a long time, you should buy special stockings. They evenly distribute the pressure on the vessels, which protects the feet from fatigue and the formation of blood clots. How to choose compression stockings? They are prophylactic (with a pressure of 10-12 mm. Hg. Art.) And medical (more than 20 mm. Hg. Art.). With serious diseases of the veins are stockings with a pressure of more than 40 mm. Hg st. A phlebologist will help you choose such a knitwear properly.

And at the end advice on how to extend the life of your favorite stockings. It is better to wash them manually at a temperature of up to 40 ° C, do not unscrew, dry in the expanded form. Wear stockings and please your men as well as yourself!