How to choose clothes on the figure

Stand in front of the mirror and determine the type of your figure. In total there are five types of shapes - a triangle, a circle, a figure eight, an inverted triangle and a rectangle. In principle, the names already indicate the main features, but you can dwell on this in more detail.
If your hips are wider and heavier than your upper torso, and you have narrow shoulders and a small chest, most likely you have a “triangle” shape. The undoubted advantage of this type of figure is a pronounced waist. The main task for the "triangles" - to balance the bottom and top, without losing the waist. You will suit things with shoulder pads, V-shaped and square cuts. Dresses with a little high waist or wide straps. Skirts and trousers with a slightly low waist.
If your breasts, waist and hips are about the same volume, your shoulders are sloping and in general all the lines of your body are soft and smooth, your figure is “circle”. As a rule, this type of figure is observed in people who are prone to corpulence.The main task in choosing clothes is to place accents correctly, to divert attention from an unexpressed waist. The ideal clothes are asymmetrical loose-fitting dresses with a pronounced neckline, empire silhouette clothing, accentuating breasts, straight trousers, beautiful vests. It is best to choose monophonic things or things with a bright bottom.
If your hips and breasts are about the same in size, and the waist is well defined, then you are the owner of the ideal figure of the type of "eight". The only recommendation for the owners of this figure - focus on the waist. Pencil skirts, high-waisted trousers, semi-fitting clothes are all your friends. Very tight clothing will suit you only if you do not have extra pounds. Otherwise, it will emphasize their presence.
If you have narrow hips and broad shoulders, your figure is an “inverted triangle,” or, as it is sometimes called, a “swimmer's figure.” The basic principle in the selection of clothing - distract attention from the broad shoulders. Your choice - clothes with V-shaped notches, American armhole in any variations, dresses with low waist. Pants of any type will suit you, but you should give preference to a high waist.Sun skirt and trapeze skirt will sit on you well. In addition, this type of constitution is loyal to the horizontal strip, it can be worn in any quantity. In no case do not wear things with shoulder pads.
If you do not have a pronounced waist and the whole figure is rather a teenage - this is a "rectangle". The main task in choosing clothes is to narrow the waist. Your variant: dresses and sweaters with voluminous sleeves and rounded cuts, opening the clavicle, wide belts, trousers, flared from the thigh. If desired, you can wear straight things or elongated jackets. It is necessary to refuse from narrow trousers, they visually add you weight.