How to choose a sofa accordion

As practice shows, most people choose a sofa, judging only by appearance, but this is fundamentally the wrong decision. You need to understand that the choice of this product is not such an easy task as it may seem at first glance, therefore all aspects, including its internal structure, must be taken into account.

Specifications of the sofa: what you should pay attention

Before buying an accordion sofa, you should consider its dimensions, as well as personal preferences. For those who live alone and hopes that they will meet their half in the future, then it is worth considering the purchase of a double room. First, you need to measure the space in the room in which the furniture will be located.

If the room is small, it is better not to take a very wide sofa, and restrict how small the product. But if the area of ​​the apartment allows you not to dwell on calculating square meters, you can expand your spatial imagination and think about the possibility of acquiring a three-seater sofa, having chosen for it those items that will fit the interior of the room.

For those who are looking for a comfortable and practical design, you need to pay attention not only to the style and dimensions of the product, but also to the height of its back - it will help maintain good posture and help in supporting the head and back as a whole. Look what a stylish Hollywood sofa with an accordion mechanism that folds into a comfortable bed.

Before you decide on the final choice of a product, you need to check it for operability. To begin with, you need to sit on it right in the store and determine how comfortable it is, and if you have the courage to lie down, check it for comfort.

Accordion Sofa Mechanism

The sofa-accordion is famous for the fact that its mechanism is very simple, reliable, the product is easy to fold and fold. The name was due to the fact that it unfolds and folds forward, according to the principle of accordion. To decompose the sofa, which is in its original state, you just need to pull the seat towards you, after which the back, resembling a house, will simply decompose into three components, thus forming the assembled product is very compact and has a reliable transformation mechanism.All elements are equipped with special covers that can be easily and simply laid out, forming at the same time an excellent sleeping place, significantly saving space. Such sofas have gained wide popularity, fame thanks to an extensive range of colors and ease of use.

Source: - furniture online store in Moscow.