How to calm the guy?

From time to time each of us, under the influence of the circumstances, will lose our temper. The reasons for this may be mass. But what to do when angry is not just a stranger to you, and your favorite? How to reassure a guy or husband, if he is not just angry, but angry? This is what we will now try to find out, because we need a calm man, not an angry lion.

How to calm a man

To calm an angry man, certain skills are needed. After all, it is very important to do it correctly, otherwise we risk to get the opposite result and aggravate the situation even more. There are several small secrets that you need not only to know, but also to be able to put them into practice in a critical situation.

  • First secret If your man is angry, the least thing you have to do is try not to argue with him or disagree. If you start to prove to him that his anger is vain, groundless and unfair, then you will only stir up his belligerent mood, and finally bring the situation to the point of no return.�Further, all of his aggression to go to you, putting you on a par with the villain who brought him to such a state. If the reason for his anger was originally you, then reconciliation you can only dream of.
  • The second secret, which smoothly follows from the first. Agree with all the arguments that your enraged macho makes. Even if the question concerns what you strongly disagree with. Now is not the right time to prove that you are right. Do this later when your loved one is in a relaxed and good-natured state. Now, you have nothing else to do but to nod and repeat that he is undoubtedly and undoubtedly right in everything. Just know when to stop it from looking like a joke.
  • Third secret Let your angry lion speak out. After all, until the flow of angry words runs out naturally, all further actions will be useless. And do not stop it in any case. It is not only useless, but also dangerous.
  • Fourth secret. Tame your obsessive desire to calm him down at any cost. If your loved one was not joking, then the best thing you can do is to keep silent or, alternatively, leave him alone for a while.�You can spend the time of his solitude to do something nice for him, exactly what he loves. For example, bake him his favorite cake. Or just run to the store for something tasty.
  • The fifth secret. After the angry stream runs out, try to smoothly transfer your conversation to another topic. And better take it with something. The main task is to divert the thoughts of your man from the main irritant. When choosing a topic for conversation, try to make it so that the new topic does not overlap with the question that caused his anger. And remember that you must deftly and skillfully lead him away from the topic, while the irritated brain will do its best to bring it back.

So we figured out how to calm a loved one. This process will require a great deal of patience, sensitivity, and love for your man. Only by loving can you feel and understand how to behave, what to say at this moment, and where to remain silent.