What do you call a hamster?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
March 28, 2013
What do you call a hamster?

Restricting your own fantasy in choosing a name for a pet is prohibited. The fact is that hamsters rarely respond to their own nicknames. They generally live their lives. The main thing is that the house was clean, dark, warm and satisfying. However, in the question of what a hamster is called, the owners are often guided by certain principles. For example, they are looking for a ridiculous nickname, a nickname oriented to the appearance or behavior of an animal. Let us examine each of the options.

Funny nicknames

They are mainly awarded males. For example, Dollar, Pendal, Hryundel, Snickers, Funtik, Cupcake, Barash and so on.

Samuchkam on this business carries less. Ladies after all! True, and they get. Here's what to call a hamster-girl: Girlfriend, Sausage, Marfa Egorovna, Moska, Waffle, Nymphodora, Kvasya, Caramel, Candy, Rumbler, Enema, Ksyuha Zasyukha, Yabeda, Slice, Melon, Bead, Toad, Zhenya, etc.

External data

There are not so many options here. The owners refer, basically, to the animal's belonging to some breed, the “fluffiness” of the animal and the color.

For example, here's what a hamster-girl can be called on the basis of these principles: Push, Little Squirrel, Pyatushki, Lyapa, Krys, Mordulin, Apricot, Plush.


This principle is little used, because the names of the animals are given in their youth, when the owner is not yet familiar with the peculiarities of the hamster's behavior. And, nevertheless, there is still an option to match the character. For example, girls hamsters can be called: Chistyulya (Cinderella), Shmyga, Locust, Shusha, Tumbler, Harm.

Unusual names

Finally, the names that come to mind owners without special associations. By the way, such an absolute majority. For example, Samka can be called: Nabi, Nadezhda, Aurora, Uadi, Uviol, Uda, Good Girl, Winnie, Ulka, Agiretta, Agneshka, Agatha, Agusha, Agutya, Naiza, Nara, Nambiryonok, Naitri, Naida, Lelia, Lavender, Laveli, Laze, Laykusha, Lakva, Zhabbi, Zhazha, Greedy, Zhanet, Zhanfina, Jacqueline, Joy, Rada, Mamba, Malya, Malka, Izergilda, Ida, Ivy, Ivankhelina, Ivanzhelika, Ranetka, Rappi, Ralfi, Raya, Rainbow, Mamurati Baby, Malva, Isabella

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Well, and the full set of nicknames for your favorite pets can be seen on.

It is believed that hamsters are more animals for fun. You don’t play with them much, they don’t always come into your hands, and in general they are fragile - a little scared, and the animal is under stress. Just a museum piece, not an animal! So often the nicknames of the owners are trying to pick up sonorous, to at least somehow justify the appearance of a rodent in their home. In general, no matter how you call your pet, it will be really happy only if you give it maximum attention and care. No matter how tiny the animal may seem, the language of love and tenderness will understand without nicknames and translators.