How to calculate weight by height?

If you decide to adjust your weight, it is important for you to understand exactly which parameters you want to achieve. Determining the ideal body weight for yourself is quite simple - the weight and height formulas will help you in this. Consider them in more detail.

Formula Paul Broca

Paul Broca proposed his own formula for height and weight. She is very simple, so many women and men prefer her name. According to this formula, you must subtract 100 from height and you will get the ideal weight. At the same time, such a body weight is considered optimal for men and women from 40 to 50 years. In other cases, you need to make small adjustments. So, if a person is under 40 years old, then the ideal weight should be 10-12% less, and for men and women over 50 years old - 5-7% more.

Formula American scientists

To calculate the ideal ratio of height and weight will help the formula developed by American scientists. It looks like this: ideal mass = 50 kg + (height in cm - 150) x 0.75.

Consider the example of calculations using this formula. So, if a person�s height is 170, then we get the following: 50 + (170-150) x 0.75 = 65 kg.

Lorenz formula

The formula for the weight and height of Lorenz provides for other calculations: the ideal mass = height in cm - 100 - 0.25 x (height in cm - 150). To make it easier for you to perform them, we give an example. A person's height is 170, according to the Lorentz formula, the following is obtained: 170 - 100 - 0.25 x (170 - 150) = 65. Despite the fact that other calculations are provided here, the result is similar to that when using a formula developed by American scientists .

Quetelet Index

You can calculate weight by height using the Quetelet index. It provides some small calculations. It is necessary to divide your weight in kilograms by height in meters, and then the resulting value squared. According to the Quetelet index, indicators that are within the range are considered the norm: 20 - 23.8.

Classic formula

You can also calculate the weight using the classical formula. It looks like this: (height in cm / 2) - (4000 / height in cm) = ideal body weight. Consider this formula for example. If a person is 170 cm tall, we get the following: (170/2) - (4000/170) = 62.

Additional tips

If you do not want to make calculations to determine whether you need to lose weight, pay attention to your fat fold, located on the abdominal wall. It should be about 1-2 cm.If it is large, then you definitely need to lose weight, and here are the best physical exercises and proper nutrition. You should not resort to strict diets, if there is no urgent need for this, since they can cause serious harm to your health. If you still decide to use them, be sure to consult with a nutritionist.