How to buy a tank?

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How to buy a tank?

The game World of Tanks, codenamed �Tank Fights Online,� has become popular mainly in the Russian-speaking community of gamers who have always loved heavy equipment and the firing of guns. The reason is simple - realistic physics, a good balance of battles, a lot of different equipment and its characteristics, huge and diverse maps, a real opponent. Above all, the f2p distribution model also had a greater impact on popularity. With that, real money didn�t spoil the balance of the game, and only helps to speed up the pumping or change the type of the game.

However, in the game a lot of mechanics and not so easy to understand its device. For example, not every novice player understands how to buy a tank.

In how to buy a conventional or "prem" tank, let's figure it out together.

How to buy a regular or premium tank

Before you buy a tank in the game, you need to study it. For this:

  1. Go to the tab "Research" in the game menu out of combat.
  2. A window will open with a large selection of tanks located in the study grid.
  3. Click on the icon of the tank you want to buy.Before you explore a tank, you must also examine all previous tanks in the branch. By completing this condition, you can explore the new tank further down the branch. Sometimes you have to learn additional things like guns, towers and other things for a tank. However, you can also just click and read about the tank information, and then decide on the purchase or choice of another branch and purpose.
  4. In the description window of the tank will be indicated the stages of the study and how many credits and experience will be needed for this. All credits and experience can be acquired during the game or for real currency.
  5. Having obtained the necessary amount of experience, click "Explore".
  6. After research, you can buy a tank for loans that you have researched and play on it in battles.

You can also choose the level of tank crew training:

  1. 50% is a basic free level. Standard equipment for all tanks. It has no advantages in the game.
  2. 75% - for forty thousand silver. The crew will be more effective in battle, which can give a significant advantage in the game, if you understand how to use it.
  3. 100% - for 400 gold coins. The maximum level of efficiency that will allow you to play much better and more professional, which will increase the statistics in battles if you play correctly.

After buying a tank will appear in your hangar, but only if you have a place for it. A place can always be bought additionally for gaming gold, earning it in battles or by buying it for real money. You can also sell an old tank and put a new one in the empty space.