How to buy a bride?

A wedding is a holiday for young people, where everything should be perfect, including a thoughtful bride price from the parental home.

At the moment there are a large number of options for the redemption of the future wife, but the most interesting and memorable are the redemption as a princess and as a court hearing. So, consider how to redeem a bride in such role productions.

Bride price in the role of "Princess"

All guests of the upcoming celebration should be involved in this celebration, namely:

  • Little Fairy (a little girl can play this role);
  • Forest fairies (you can put on these roles bridesmaids);
  • Evil sorcerer (as a rule, in this role is the father or grandfather of the bride);
  • Water (any person of the guests);
  • Forest dwellers (guests of the celebration).

Everything starts after the groom and his friends drive up to the bride's house, where he is met by a little fairy and sprinkles him with magic powder (sparkles or flower petals) and tells where to go to free the bride.

After the groom receives this information, he goes to the mysterious forest, and his way lies through the swamp, where he is already waiting for the water and is not going to pass through his possessions. Here, the groom has several options for the passage - either he is buying off from him, or fulfills his desire (it is better to choose to read poems about how he loves his bride).

When the groom copes with this task, he goes further, and forest fairies meet him on the way and are told that the evil sorcerer, who has already invented a test for him, will not miss it. For this information, forest fairies need to give something (witnesses of the bridegroom and his friends should already act here).

Well, here are the last tests: the groom walks along the path to the house, where he is met by an evil sorcerer and offers to undergo a difficult test. The groom will have to sing, and at every step a compliment will be given to the bride. If the words are repeated, he goes back one step. After completing the test, he already forgets about how to redeem the bride, and receives the long-awaited keys to the castle, where the bride has been waiting for him for a long time.

Bride price "Court Session"

This method of redemption is more suitable for residents of the city and city apartments, since the whole picture will take place on the staircase and on the steps.

  • Bridegroom (accused for stealing the heart of the bride);
  • Bride (injured from the actions of the groom);
  • Witnesses (parents of the bride);
  • Meeting room (the apartment of the bride).

Everything will begin as soon as the groom arrives at the entrance of his beloved, and he does not need to know how to buy the bride in a given situation, and must improvise. Here he will be greeted by a canvas, which will lead him towards the victim. In order for the groom to atone for his guilt, he will have to go through all the steps, not missing a single one in his path, and at the same time ask for forgiveness at each one and confess his love. If the recognition will be the same, it will need to be sent to the very first step.

On the way to the meeting room, his friends meet the bride and begin to ask why he chose her for such a crime (the groom will have to tell all the advantages of his future wife). Or the groom can use an alternative option to pay off from friends.

After he enters the house of the bride, he is met by the judge, sentenced to life imprisonment with the bride and asks to pronounce the oath of allegiance (the mercy does not apply).