How to breed fish?

In our difficult for life time, growing fish at home is becoming very popular. In practice, it is clear that the most unpretentious for breeding fish are carp and tench. The only bad thing is that they grow very slowly. Let's take a look at this article, breeding fish at home.

Some people who have a summer cottage or live in a village have the opportunity to breed fish both for their own needs and for sale. This business will not bring huge profits, but a steady income is not unimportant.

How to breed fish

The process of breeding fisheries is not simple and requires compliance with many nuances. Consider them in our article. So, in order to breed fish you only need to overcome three obstacles:

  • Free area. You can even a little.
  • Pool or tank for fish. Better if she is big. Since during the period of spawning, this will play an important role in the survival of individuals.
  • The presence of fry of a certain breed of fish that can be bred at home.

If you do not know which fish to breed, you can use freshly caught fish from any river or lake. You should know that during the process of moving the fish from one environment to another, it is important to observe the temperature regime. Otherwise, even a tiny difference of two or three degrees can lead you to the loss of fish.

Costs are coming you are not big. And of course, the soul warms the fact that they will pay off very soon. To do this, it will take you about two seasons. Indeed, in the warm months, each individual has the ability to feed about one kilogram of weight gain, as well as to produce offspring.

It should be noted that before you start growing fish in the home, you need to thoroughly examine all the individual characteristics of the species that you want to grow in the future. Particular attention should be paid to diseases that can cause this type of fish.

How to breed fish in a pond

Growing fish in a pond has many different nuances.

  • Take, for example, tench. So tench is a very cowardly fish. Therefore, all those who conceived, to grow it, need to know that, first of all, it will be necessary to equip for it a shelter from water, thick thickets and stones.If all the conditions for vital activity are met, then the tench in its weight can reach 200 grams for 3 year of its life.
  • If you think that tench grows very slowly, then you can turn your attention to the fish carp. That's just practice shows that carp or crucian carp is best bred at home. Now, this fish reaches about one and a half kilograms in the third year of its life. But as for the care, these fish are very picky and remarkably adapted to life in low-flow or non-flowing bodies of water. Carp feeds on both animal and vegetable feed, and tolerates winter very well. Fish can offer insect larvae, earthworms, steamed grain of cereals and legumes, feed used for feeding pigs or chickens as a delicacy. It is best to feed the fish in the pond at the same time twice a day. It should be noted that the carp will grow much faster in the pond, where the water warms up well.
  • Keep in mind, breeding fish in bets makes sense only when you have at your disposal a reliable and powerful wintering device.If there are none, then it would be more appropriate to be engaged not in growing fish, but in growing. This means that the fish will need to contain the summer or spring season.
  • If at your disposal there is some part of a well-cleaned and always fenced drainage channel, then well, well, and if not, then you can dig a pond. Its size may be different. For example, 4x6 meters, and a depth of one and a half meters. This will ensure that the water warms up to twenty-six degrees. Your home pond will be quite suitable for a few dozen carp, whose weight ranges up to three hundred grams.

Important nuances

  • The lower the water temperature in the pond, the less your fish will eat. And vice versa.
  • If the homemade pond is small in size, then a pallet table made of galvanized iron with sides will be very useful. You will lower it into the water and lift it out of the water. Thus, you can see the intensity with which your pets eat.
  • Consider, if in the hot season the water level has dropped significantly, then it is necessary to reduce the number of people. If the carp rises to the surface of the water and gasps for air, then this is a direct indicator that the fish lack oxygen.
  • If you breed carp in a small pond, then you will have to catch your fish in the fall.As you can see to breed fish at home is quite real. It’s best to start doing this wonderful thing in the spring. Avid fishermen, who find it very difficult to live without fishing, will be able to go fishing in their own pond in August and catch some home-grown fish for dinner.
  • The best heat regime for carp is from twenty to twenty-eight degrees. If you ensure good feeding of fish, the increase per day will be up to seven grams.
  • In order to increase the productivity of weight gain, apply proper feeding and compacted fit. You should know that during the five-time planting use special granules or dough. If the density is normal, then the carp is not fed. Feeding is both artificial and natural.

Now you know all about how to breed fish at home. There is a very important point. Your success will largely depend not only on you, but also on nature. Because certain weather conditions are necessary, which should be constant. We wish you good luck in this interesting and not easy job!