How to bless a daughter?

Wedding - a very happy and joyful day. Marriage of the daughter causes sincere tears in the eyes of the parents. But, these are tears of joy. Wedding preparation is a very long and complicated process. Everything must be approached with a very big responsibility. Especially carefully you need to choose a wedding photographer to capture every moment of this happy day. Although, usually the photographer is not allowed to shoot the blessings of young people. As a rule, everyone is engaged in either a specially hired person, or the closest friends of the groom or bride. Parents practically do not prepare for the wedding of young people. They are prepared for a more important fate. They should know how to bless their daughter for marriage. It is also very important to know what icon the daughter is blessing.

Blessing preparation

Before you bless your daughter before the wedding, you will need an icon that will be the keeper of the new family. There are many opinions about what icon bless the daughter. But the church does not impose any specific restrictions, so it can be any icon, but more often it is an icon of the Mother of God. Some families have an icon that is passed down from generation to generation.In this case, the icon acts as a family heirloom. The presented icon will stand in the holy corner, at home for the young. There are also cases when the parents of the bride and groom together buy an icon and then give it to the young. This is the easiest and most obvious way. If you have already bought an icon, then you need to learn how to properly bless your daughter.

Blessing on your wedding day

On the wedding day, the groom comes home to his future wife to “redeem” her. Usually “sell” the bride friend or close bridesmaids. It is necessary after all the tests have been passed, and the groom presented the bride with a wedding bouquet - a symbol of his love for her, as well as a charm for the whole day. However, this scenario may vary depending on established family traditions. This is only an approximate and most common sequence of events.

After the groom saw the bride, and the young are ready to go to the registry office, the moment comes when the blessing of the parents is needed. Only parents and young can attend the blessing, but the presence of godparents is also possible. Parents and newlyweds should gather in a separate room where no one will be.Young must stand in front of their parents. The icon should be turned to the face of the young. This is a very exciting moment. Try to think out your words in advance. But it should not be a very long speech.

The wishes of the parents are heard, and the mother blesses the daughter, and her fiance. Parents say parting words, wish happiness and love to a new family. After all the important words have been said, you need to cross the groom and the bride three times in turns. Then they must kiss the icon, and after that they must cross themselves. After the parents have blessed the young, the bride and groom go to the registry office to bond their relations with each other. When a couple goes outside and goes to the wedding car, they are usually surrounded with wheat, coins and sweets, so that their life will be full, rich and sweet.

This is just the most common scenario of how to properly bless your daughter before the wedding. There are a wide variety of traditions that you could learn from your grandparents. But the stage at which the mother blesses the daughter is considered integral. Each region may have its own traditions or customs.Stay on the way that you most liked. There is still a lot of controversy over how to bless the daughter for the marriage is the most correct.