How to get faster?

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How to get faster?

Endurance and speed are important qualities for an athlete. In order to develop them, it is important to perform certain physical exercises. How to become faster - you will learn from our article.

What determines the speed of running

  1. First of all, this is the step length.
  2. The second is the pitch frequency.

Consequently, the longer and more often the step, the faster you move. To increase these indicators, it is necessary to train correctly.

Weekly program

To begin, determine the days for training. It is very important to practice regularly in order to achieve better results. You can set aside three days a week for long-lasting intense workouts or use our program, which will allow you to train every day without much stress on the body.

  • Day 1. To start, do a warm-up as usual for 10 minutes. Next, proceed to a quick 20-minute run. At the end of time, you need to gradually slow down by going to walk. Finish your workout with a 10-minute walk.You can perform this exercise both on the treadmill and on the street stadium.
  • Day 2. Light hour run.
  • Day 3. 10-minute warm-up at the beginning of classes. Next, you need to perform a cycle of exercises: a minute of running in moderate mode, then a minute of fast running. It is necessary to make ten approaches, the pause between the races is 30 seconds.
  • Day 4. Long run for 90 minutes at a moderate pace.
  • Day 5. 10-minute warm-up. Run 100 meters, turn around and run back. You must meet in half a minute. Take five approaches, stopping to rest between races for two minutes.
  • Day 6. Hourly run at a fast pace.
  • Day 7. 10-minute warm-up. Run 100 meters at your maximum speed. Relax for a minute and start the exercise again. It is necessary to make five approaches.

Exercises for speed development

This training must be performed before jogging. A set of exercises will strengthen muscles, develop endurance, and also improve the technique of your run. Each exercise involves three approaches. The total training time is 15 minutes.

Running with raised knees

  • The back is flat, the abdominal muscles are tense;
  • Start running on your toes, while raising your knees.

This exercise will improve the technique of running and strengthen the muscles of the hips.

Pulling heels to the buttocks

  • The back is flat, the abdominal muscles are tense;
  • Start running on the spot, while bouncing high and touching the heels of the buttocks;
  • Hands work as during normal running.

With this exercise, the foot will work in the correct position, which will later be displayed on the running technique.

Running with jumps

  • Jump from foot to foot, moving forward;
  • Help exercise with your hands (move as during normal running).

This exercise will strengthen the muscles of the legs, as well as increase the speed of your run.

Jumping from foot to foot

  • The back is flat, the abdominal muscles are tense;
  • Starting position - as at the start: one leg in front of the second;
  • In the jump, change the position of the legs;
  • Hands work as when running.

Exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs, hips and buttocks. Doing this exercise at a fast pace will increase the speed of your run.


  • Legs shoulder-width apart, arms at waist, back straight;
  • Breathe in deeply, as you exhale - rise to your half-finger, while straining your calves;
  • Inhale again, returning to the starting position.

Exercise strengthens the calves, and also trains the feet. Such training helps to increase the speed of running without the load on the joints.

Exercise with a chair

  • Place one foot on a chair and the other on the floor;
  • Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, stand on the half-toes of the supporting leg;
  • Inhale again, returning to the starting position;
  • After the approach, change legs.

Exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs and helps to develop the speed of running.

On the page of this article you can find a video that tells how to run, breathe and how to become faster.