How to become a poet?

Vera Shiryaeva
Vera Shiryaeva
November 4, 2014
How to become a poet?

Only the elect communicate in the language of poetry, it is a great honor to be among them, and it is not so difficult to do this as it seems at first glance. Many believe that the ability to compose poetry - is the gift of God. Well-known poets of our time insist that everyone can learn to properly rhyme. There are certain conditions and requirements that must first be learned, and it will also be useful to study some of the theoretical foundations of the subject. After reading them, using them wisely, you can try to realize yourself on a poetic path. It will be useful to get acquainted with the tips that formulates the Correspondence Academy for graphomania. Here are the most basic ones.

Tips for a novice poet

  1. Decide on the direction in the literature and select a specific genre. So it will be easier to concentrate on learning. There is poetry, journalistic, lyrical, didactic, salon, spiritual, folk - not to count all varieties, so there is always where to turn.
  2. Having approved the direction, methodically, step by step, climb to the peak of skill, constantly exercising, like an athlete, practicing the same technique.
  3. Always remember that the basis of the verse is the foot and the rhythm, their combination gives rise to a poetic size. Free possession of the prosody (system of sizes) is the basis of the basics, without it, nowhere. Therefore, learn the theory on the works of the classics. Choose the best in the business. Iamb is very good at Pushkin, the dactyl is at Derzhavin.
  4. Immediately give up plagiarism. By stealing other people's thoughts, you will not give birth to yours.
  5. Trying to take up the development of the described hobbies, do not forget that poetry is a figurative understanding of human experience. It requires great intelligence, so you need to constantly multiply it, engaging in self-education. Enrich yourself spiritually. If you feel that it is very difficult and far from you, step back. A catalog of professions will tell you what else you can do in preparation for adult life.
  6. If you firmly decided to still try to write, start practicing with the storm, then go on to create songs, constantly look for new ideas, phenomena that can give inspiration.

Passion for poetry has a lot of advantages.It makes the inquiring mind to work constantly, to strain the convolutions of the brain, to master the potential of the native language, to actively develop speech. The disadvantage of this hobby is one: mastering it is a very complicated matter.