How to beat a girl?

I think in the life of every man there was a moment when the horror as a girl likes. Only here there is one problem - she already has a boyfriend. In such a situation, you do not need to despair, but take real action. By the way, there is one more moment bordering on the immortal laws of ethics and morality - is it worth breaking a happy couple? So let's talk a little bit about how to discourage a girl from another.

On clothes meet, or a little about the first impression

We all know that the first impression is an important and extremely significant step in pleasing a person. Psychologists say that the first impression is extremely difficult to correct, and sometimes even impossible. Therefore, before you make global attempts, how to repel a girl, thoroughly prepare.

The first thing to start with is to tidy yourself up before you decide to make contact with your beloved. Correct hair, take care of the appearance of nails and clothing. By the way, sometimes it is worth making a couple of changes to the wardrobe or appearance, and voila! Who knows what the object of your longing likes: maybe a light unshaven face, or maybe a sweet perfume.And in general, girls like well-groomed men, so do everything possible.

First of all, they evaluate appearance, but what we say and do is also important. If you are not familiar yet, the conversation should begin so that the girl wants to continue it. You can make a joke, give a witty comment to what is happening, or just offer help if needed. Act on the circumstances and be interesting.

Summarizing all the above, it is worth saying that first of all you need to stand out by all means. Therefore, use any means to make a positive impression. You need to become a level better than her man!

There is a contact! What to do next

So, as soon as you understand that the girl became interested in you, you must act decisively, but carefully. Remember that she is already in a relationship with another man. And if you overtake the stick, you can not only run into trouble from her boyfriend, but also lose the attention of the girl.

The first thing to start with is to be alone with the girl in informal conditions. Invite her to the cinema, to the cafe, just walk. And this is where attention is needed.Most likely, the girl will tell you about their relationship. Listen carefully, if you understand what she is missing in life, you can play well on this. But in no case, do not be interested in her man. He wants to tell herself. And even more so it is not necessary to roll up scenes of jealousy, it will only alienate her.

So now you know everything about the one you like so much. It's time to act. How to beat off a girl - to give her what a beloved man cannot give. Be interested in her affairs, offer help, invite to a joint pastime.

And do not forget that all the time you need to surprise and delight the girl. As many surprises and warm words as possible, it’s not for me to teach you, dear reader, how to win the heart of a woman.

Time for a decisive step

As soon as you understand with your gut, and with your eyes you see that you are cute to a girl, gently tell her about your feelings. Light touches, as if friendly hugs, care and pleasant words. If in response you feel reciprocated - tell me about your feelings. Sometimes a few words can make a difference than a thousand actions.

But we didn’t talk about one more important person in this situation - her man. Most likely, he will want to clarify the relationship with you, directly or through a girl.If possible, talk to him. So it will be easier for you and him, because you yourself can be in a similar situation.

How to beat off the ex-girlfriend

Probably everyone is familiar with the situation when, after parting with his beloved by all means, I want to return her, but nothing at all - she is with another. The first thing that is important to understand in this case is whether to re-start a relationship, because everything will return to its place: the person and the joys and adversities associated with him.

If you thoroughly decided to discourage the former, then it is worth starting with acknowledging your feelings Metaphorically speaking, this is the kindling of a flame in a cooling fire. You understand that with this person you have been for a while of your life, it was good for you. Feelings go away for a long time, and new relationships after a break are often a way not to think about a problem, to replace a person with another.

After you let her know that you are not indifferent to her, act! Be interested in her, surprise. Let the girl know that you are better and love her. Most likely, a whole swarm of thoughts has already matured in her head about how bad you are, that you have killed a relationship. Prove your beloved that this is far from the case!

I hope our advice will help you both to discourage a girl from a guy, and to build strong and sensual relationships with her. Good luck to you!