How to answer questions in an interview

When answering questions in an interview, always tell the truth. Sooner or later, not entirely truthful information will be disclosed by security forces or a personnel specialist, when talking with the former head. If at that time you have already taken office, this may be a reason for the employer to part with you.
Answering questions, do not be afraid to make a mistake. Remember that the impression of a candidate is not only based on the answers to the questions posed. Evaluation is carried out also in appearance, and on the recommendations, and in the manner of holding.
Almost every interview asks about the reason for finding a new job. Responding to him, refer to the lack of opportunities for professional development. Be sure to describe your achievements in the same place and note that you are now ready to perform new tasks.
Do not mention dissatisfaction with wages as a reason for finding a new job; HR professionals may doubt your communication and professional skills.Answer this question: "Lack of career opportunities." Employers look positively at candidates who seek to advance through the ranks.
The reason can be called any, just remember one rule. Whatever the true motivation for finding a new job, in no case do not touch upon the topic of relations with the boss during the interview. Answer always correctly in relation to the former leadership.
The employer is wary of an applicant who has had a long break in working experience. In this case, answer that you did not want to be scattered on temporary earnings and were in search of a truly worthy company. Good reasons in this case are also moving to a new place, having children, studying, etc. In any case, reassure your potential manager that all these problems have been resolved and you are ready to start a new job.
If you are interviewing for a position not in your field, be prepared for the relevant question. Tell us about your desire to expand your horizons and gain experience in a new field of activity.This will characterize you as an inquisitive person and potential in terms of acquiring new skills, the employer will appreciate it.
Answering any question on the interview, seek to show respect for the interlocutor. Listen to the end, do not interrupt, do not seek to prove your point of view at all costs. All your arguments should be reasonable and not contradict each other. Remember that you are just an applicant, there are several worthy candidates for this job, and your task is to become the best of them.