How to adjust the windows?

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How to adjust the windows?

In the article we will consider the most common problems with plastic windows and tell you how to adjust windows in certain cases. Indeed, in fact, many problems can be resolved on their own - at no additional cost.

How to adjust PVC windows?

The most common breakdowns that occur with plastic windows are breakdowns or various problems with window or balcony handles and stoppers. However, if the pen loosened or broke, jammed or not turning, this is no reason to rush to call the master, because you can first try to solve these problems on your own. Now you will learn how to adjust plastic windows without help.

If the seal is blowing

As a rule, this happens for two reasons: the fastenings are loose or the rollers are incorrectly installed, relative to the counter parts of the frame. In the first case, the hex key will help us (usually it is the standard key number 4).The turnkey hole may be located in different parts of the frame: either on the counterplates or on the rollers (on the leaf), depending on the window model. Insert the key into the hole and turn it in such a way that the flap is pressed closer - in which direction to turn, again, everything depends on the model, but, as a rule, twisting takes place clockwise. When the flap presses the seal strongly, the problem of blowing will be solved. However, it must be remembered that in the summer, and even better - in the spring, as soon as the weather permits, it is necessary to return the sash to its original position - in order to avoid premature wear of the seal. The second option, in which blowing is possible, is to install the rollers incorrectly, when the latter do not go beyond the counter parts of the frame when closing. This problem is eliminated by swapping the mating plates. To do this, unscrew the fastening screw of the counterplate and shift it lower. Now look for the movie to go completely behind the mate. In the event that none of these methods have brought results, you need to contact a specialist.

If the handle turns with difficulty

In this case, as well as when the handle is not fully rotated, the reason may lie either in the drying of the lubricant, or in the slack of the flap and deformation of the striker plate. We recommend that you first buy a special lubricant (for example, WD-40) in any automobile shop and lubricate all moving elements of the fittings with a can with a barrel. In the event that the problem could not be solved, we find the adjusting hinge screws on the window and try to twist them. Now examine each clamping reciprocal plate to find out where the moving roller deforms it particularly strongly. For adjustment of the lower reciprocal level we use an allen key, turning it clockwise. To adjust the top bar, the sash is shifted with the help of an adjusting screw.

If the handle is stuck and the window does not close

In this case, the reason for almost 100% is that the handle of turn of the handle worked incorrectly. The problem is solved depending on the brand of accessories you have installed. In the vast majority of models, you first need to find a protruding metal tab below the handle.Now we press on this tongue so that it stands in line with the sealing rubber. As soon as this happens, slowly and carefully turn the knob to the desired position. In the case of possible temperature deformation, when the tongue slips past the flap and does not turn the handle, we do the following. Open the frame and find the metal counterpart of the blocker, which should touch the tongue during normal operation. Next, unscrew the screws and enclose some thin piece between the counterpart of the blocker and the frame to unlock it. The coupling of the counter element with the lock on the sash and, accordingly, the unlocking of the handle should occur. If you have accessories "AUBI", then first find the metal plate with a spring next to the handle. Then press it against the seal and turn the handle. If it was not possible to unlock the handle in this way, we look at the position of the sash: you need to bring it in a vertical position and then press the plate again and turn the handle. Now let's consider another option of how to adjust plastic windows by yourself.

Installation of the handle with a lock

This is a great solution when a handle cracks on the window or if a small child appears in the house so that he cannot open the window on his own. In these cases we do the following. Rotate the plate at the base of the handle 90 degrees. We unscrew the screws, remove the old handle and fasten the new one. Now we install a special plate under the base of the handle, which will carry out the adjustment of the ventilator. You can buy a new pen and plate in any specialty store or in the construction market. We also recommend that you watch the video how to adjust plastic windows. There are many detailed and informative video instructions on the Internet.