How to add a photo in contact?

Natalia Alexandrova
Natalia Alexandrova
April 16, 2012
How to add a photo in contact?

Beginners of one of the most popular social networks have some questions. This article describes in detail how to add a photo in a contact (in albums, on a wall, in a message, in an avatar).

Adding photos in contact on the avatar

  1. To make it easier for your friends and acquaintances to find you, there should be a real photo on the avatar: On the site for the avatar, you should click on the drawn camera or the inscription "Put a photo" under it;
  2. To upload a photo from your computer, in the window that appears, click "Select photo", specifying the address Next, select a photo, and click "Save";
  3. You can also take a picture using a webcam, if in step 2 click on the inscription "Take a snapshot photo".

How to add a photo in the contact to the album

  1. Create an album: in the menu on the left, select "My Photos", then in the upper right corner under the "Exit" button, use the "Create Album" link, create a name, if necessary, and a description, click "Create Album";
  2. To add a photo, click on the pictured camera in the created album, a window will appear, specify the address (select files from the computer). After the download is complete, you can add a description. Click "Save."
  3. To add photos to an already created album, you need to click "My Photos", select an album, and, again, click on the pictured camera, add a photo. If you do not select an album, but simply click on the picture or the inscription "Add new photos" - the photo will be added to you on the wall.

Add a photo in contact on the wall

On your or someone else's wall, put the mouse cursor in the recording window, click the left mouse button. Further two options:

  1. Drag a photo from your computer onto the camera image on the right into the window for writing on the wall;
  2. Click on the word "Attach" under the window for recording. Then choose a photo from your albums in the contact or download from a computer;
  3. If it is impossible to add a photo / write a message, then the user has restricted access to his wall.

How to add a photo in the contact in the message

  1. Go to the page of the interlocutor, under his avatar, click "Send Message";
  2. Under the window for the message in the lower right corner, click "Attach", select "Photo". Next, select a photo from existing albums, or download the file from your computer.

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