How often to change a toothbrush?

Mark Mikhalev
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How often to change a toothbrush?

Reputable dentists recommend regularly changing a toothbrush. And this is correct, because during use the brush wears out, loses its shape and stiffness, becomes dirty and becomes not as effective as the new one. How often you need to change a toothbrush specifically for you depends on how often you use it. With normal regular use of a toothbrush, that is, brushing your teeth twice a day every day, it is desirable and necessary to change the brush at least once every three months.

Some manufacturers, for the convenience of consumers, produce toothbrushes with wear indicators - rows of bristles colored with food dyes. The discoloration of these bristles is a sign that it is time to change the brush.

In addition to the planned replacement of the toothbrush from wear, dentists recommend changing the toothbrushes out of plan after each infectious or viral disease you have suffered (for example, herpes or SARS) in order to prevent re-infection with bacteria that remain on the brush.