How not to scream at the child?

You've been waiting for the birth of your first child for so long, and now, when he has grown a little, you are increasingly finding yourself raising your voice to him. And this does not mean at all that you do not like him, you are simply “programmed” to a cry at a subconscious level. After all, this is how you were raised by your own parents. Let's see in this article how not to scream at the child.

Before you start raising your voice on the baby, think about how you are getting farther and farther apart from each other, and the thin, invisible thread that binds you is torn. In addition, your cry hurts the child and has a negative effect on the psyche.

How not to fall for a child

  • When one of the parents shouts, the children are usually scared, and they can even withdraw into themselves.
  • Most children perceive shouting as an attack, and that is why they can shout in response, run away or somehow escape from shouting.
  • Considering how not to shout at the child, it is necessary to clarify that our children will, as they grow up, copy our demeanor and communication.And if you, in order to achieve from your child any actions that are beneficial for you, use a cry, then you simply intimidate your own child.
  • There are cases when parents shout at children unconsciously. Since at the moment, simply under the action of any reasons, they have lost control of themselves. And in this way, children understand that talking on high tones is normal and acceptable.

Psychologists advise

  • give children the right to protect themselves from our cry instead of running away.
  • take care of the children's sense of dignity and make them understand that it is not worth shouting at them.
  • strengthen the relationship between parents and children in every way, as well as show their respect for children's needs and feelings.

There are also some tips on how to stop shouting at a child.

  • Mom should try to calm her nervous system. This can help face mask, relaxing bath or shower, reading, knitting, embroidery. In a word, mother should find time for rest and for herself.
  • Try singing instead of screaming.
  • If you find yourself in the fact that in your speech sometimes slurs curses, then try to replace them with other, you personally invented.For example, instead of "reptile" you can say "Oh, you bumbulchik!" Or something like that. Remember that the most effective means against crying and aggression is humor and laughter. Instead of screaming, scream like a little pig and poke. You will be funny and you will distract yourself from the cause of the scandal.
  • If the situation is serious enough and you need to be strict, then try to communicate your thoughts to the child in a stern and firm voice. He should understand that his mother still loves him, but in this situation he is wrong.
  • If you are tired or you just have a bad mood, then tell your baby about it. There is a chance that you will be understood and not condemned.
  • Even if the escape could not be avoided, then try to remove aggression and hatred from your voice. Her presence is unacceptable, as it can hurt the baby.
  • While berating your child, specify what is bad to do like this, bad and disobedient children do it, but it’s good, so you shouldn’t do that.
  • Now you know exactly how to raise a child without crying. If you do not like or do not fit these methods, you can come up with your own methodology that will help you eradicate the cry and peace, love and kindness will prevail in your home. Since it is very important to explain everything to the child intelligibly from early childhood, and not to shout at him. After all, your example of behavior in the future will significantly affect it.