How much to cook a turkey?

Elena Odushkina
Elena Odushkina
March 16, 2015
How much to cook a turkey?

Turkey is a dietary meat, fits perfectly into the children's diet (except broth). But the cooking method for the first and second courses is different. Let us consider in more detail how and how much to cook a turkey.

Below we consider the methods of cooking turkey for soups, broths and main dishes.

For first courses

To cook broth or soup, turkey meat should be dipped exclusively in cold water and cooked over low heat. Foaming is not recommended. If the whole bird is cooked, it will take about three hours. A cut turkey will cook much faster, in about an hour and a half.

You can cook the lean broth from the fillet, which is cooked no more than 15 minutes. After the vegetables are added to the soup, and 15 minutes before readiness the sliced ​​fillet is put back. And in our article How to Cook Turkey Fillets are a few simple, but very tasty recipes, including dietary ones.

You can add various spices, bay leaves, and vegetables, such as carrots and onions, to the broth.

For second courses

If it is necessary to boil the turkey for the second dish, then the meat is dipped in boiling water. In this case, cook under a lid and on low heat. The whole turkey is cooked for more than three hours, parts (thighs, legs, wings) are cooked in one hour, and the fillets are only 30 minutes.

The readiness of the meat can be checked with a fork or knife. If a clear juice flows from the puncture site, then the turkey is ready. Boiled meat should be cooled and cut into portions. And so that the turkey fillet is softer, you can boil it in milk. If you cook a turkey in a double boiler, then it will take about 40 minutes, and in a slow cooker on the "Meat" mode only half an hour.