How can I lose weight in my teens?

The issue of overweight affects, unfortunately, not only adults. Such a problem can be overtaken even by children and adolescents. But this is precisely the time when all the flaws in appearance are perceived particularly acute. And overweight is no exception. After all, he is often the cause of ridicule and even bullying.

How to get rid of it, while not harming the health, tell on.

Fight for harmony

A 13-15-year-old who has Internet access will easily find hundreds of different diet options that promise quick deliveries from those extra pounds. But at what cost.

Experiments on the body can end very badly, so the role of parents in this process is quite large. Their task is to explain, help and support.

But before you choose the correct method, you should understand the reasons for the appearance of extra pounds at such an early age.

  1. Violation of hormonal background. 13-15 years is the period of the restructuring of the body, and there are many factors that can influence it. Even eating right, the child can gain extra pounds.In this case, you need to consult a doctor, because you will not be able to cope with the problem yourself.
  2. Improper diet and hypodynamia. To burn calories, you need to move. If for walks, active rest, sports, a teenager prefers to spend free time for gadgets, it's not surprising that this affects weight. And if you add to this the love of fast food, constant snacks in the dry, irregular meals, then the situation will significantly worsen.

But everything can be changed by desire. And the main good news is that metabolic processes in adolescence are much more active, which means that it is quite possible to lose weight in just a few months. But subject to the observance of all the rules.

Reade set Go!

So, we begin to act. In order not to harm the body, but to get a visible effect, you must first of all be patient and willpower. Finding motivation is also very important, because parents should be real assistants in this matter.

Remember that since a teenager is faced with such a problem, you should not constantly reproach him, it is better to work together and help.Conduct a dialogue on an equal footing, as with an adult, and together make a plan for getting rid of extra pounds.

Normalization of power

This does not mean diet. About her speech should not go. First, the diet gives only a short-term effect, and secondly, it can be harmful. The task of parents is to teach the child to eat properly, and turn it into a habit.

Here are the basic rules for a healthy diet:

  • food intake at least 3-4 times a day + 2 snacks (under snacks are meant not sandwiches, but dried fruits, fruits, dairy products);
  • breakfast should always be present, because it is a charge of energy for half a day;
  • no food in the canteens and cafes, where there is no way to choose the right dishes;
  • mandatory compliance with the water balance (to do this, use at least 1 liter of water per day);
  • refusal from fast food, carbonated drinks, smoked products.

Immediately it should be noted that the child is hardly easily given a restriction in the sweet. Because in this case, you just need to choose the most healthy and natural options for treats, and the amount that can not be exceeded.

Physical activity

Without this, proper nutrition will practically not work.But a long workout at the gym is useless. It will be enough active recreation with parents or friends: cycling, rollerblading, skating, skiing, football, badminton. Plus, the simplest methods are the refusal of the lift and regular walking tours. Well, any sports that the teenager chooses.

To tell the truth, at first this method may seem boring to a child, and he will perform everything very reluctantly. Come to the aid diary slimming, where you can record all the results, as well as modern gadgets. For example, a fitness bracelet. With it, you can follow the process of losing weight, calculate the rate of the steps taken during the day, the fluid you drink. Still, technology does not stand still, and to have such an "intelligent helper" is really very useful and interesting.


If there are few extra pounds for a teenager, there will be virtually no visible changes for the skin. But those who have a more serious problem, are subject to the appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin, as well as adults. Especially hard going through this moment girls.

That is why, in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise, it is necessary to remember and care for the body.Massage is one of the most effective methods for the prevention of stretch marks. If there is a desire, you can independently master its basics, or consult a specialist.

To intensify blood circulation, and with it the process of production of elastin, which is responsible for elasticity, will also help the contrast shower.


This item is as important as the previous three. And for both girls and boys. Adolescence is a difficult time for them, and understanding from parents is worth its weight in gold. What do adults need to remember to help their child?

  1. Do not scold. Ate more sweets than you can, missed the workout. Yes, all this is not good. But it should be borne in mind that there is still a child in front of you and it is quite difficult for him to go straight to the right path. Discuss, but do not judge.
  2. Be at the same time. See that the child tries his best, but such a schedule is not easy for him? Then why not join him? And the baby is more fun, and you are healthier.
  3. Praise. Even for minor successes. It strengthens the faith in yourself and your strength, and also gives you the motivation not to stop at what has been achieved.

To gain the desired harmony, it is necessary to teach a child to a healthy lifestyle since childhood. And the main example in this should be the parents.And if the problem of excess weight still overtook your child, do not let everything take its course. Help her cope by choosing exceptionally safe methods. Be healthy!

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