How can I clean the aquarium?

Psychologists are unanimous - observation of the inhabitants of the aquarium helps to calm down, relieve stress and irritation. And followers of the eastern philosophy of feng shui argue that such a container with water is a valuable source of energy, attracting material wealth to the house.

If you are a happy owner of pets living in the water, you probably already appreciated their advantage. Quiet and calm. The only thing that requires close attention in this case is the aquarium itself. Today we will tell about the methods of its cleaning.

Clean house

Regular cleaning is the key to healthy fish. The first time after starting it is enough only to remove the remains of food and algae, and once a week add a small amount of clean, standing water.

When you notice that the liquid has acquired a yellowish tint, you can do the first "cleaning". If you doubt whether you need it, you can buy special tests that will show whether the basic water indicators are normal.

On average, large containers (from 100 liters) require cleaning every 3-4 weeks, and small ones will have to be cleaned more often.To make pets feel as comfortable as possible in their home, this process should be divided into several stages.

Decor and seaweed

Carefully inspect the plants. Yellowed need to be removed, and, if necessary, transplanted. But the bush is better not to touch the first few months. All decorative items should be cleaned with a soft sponge and soap or soda.


Even if you change the water in time, a bloom of algae remains on the glass anyway. You can remove it in several ways:

  • washcloth;
  • a metal scraper;
  • magnetic scraper.

Bast - the most economical device, but it, like a metal scraper, is not suitable for plexiglass containers. It is better to use a soft foam or nylon washcloth.

The magnetic device in this case is the most convenient, since there is no need to put your hands in water. It perfectly removes the plaque from the walls, but with impurities in the corners and on the edge can not cope completely.

No household cleaning products can be used, using only water. If the patina was too dense, you can purchase an environmentally friendly tool at the pet store, which will be safe for aquarium pets.


This is exactly the place that clogs most of all, because there remains the remains of food, algae and faeces. How to check if cleaning is needed for this site? Try to clear the bottom a little. If bubbles begin to emerge on the surface - take up work.

A ground cleaner can come to the rescue. It is a plastic or glass tip with a diverting hose. It is very simple to use such - it is enough just to drive the tip along the bottom, periodically pressing it. Through the hose will leave the water with dirt.

The main thing is to carefully monitor the amount of drained water. Its amount should not be more than 1/5 of the total.

When cleaning the bottom, try to carefully handle the plants so as not to damage their roots.


A quality filter is very important. On his work depends on the health of the fish and the state of the water. After all, the filter helps to remove most of the waste and saturate the water with oxygen.

Only external contamination should be removed from it, and the internal parts should be washed with water from an aquarium. Such measures are explained by the fact that microorganism colonies are formed on the filter sponge and its internal parts,involved in important biological processes.

Water change

First of all, the water should be separated (at least for 3 days). If you use a tap, it is worth buying a softener to get rid of harmful impurities.

The second thing to consider is temperature. In order not to disrupt the biological balance and not to give in to the stress of the inhabitants of the aquarium, the water temperature should be room temperature.

If you regularly maintain the purity, then at one time it will be enough to change 10-20% of the liquid. If you notice that some fish are sick, then it's better to change 25-50% each week.

The advice of experienced aquarium owners: to keep the water clear longer, add aquarium salt to it. It will also be an excellent prevention of the occurrence of diseases.

The best folk remedy for washing glass outside is water with a little vinegar.

Maintenance of cleanliness can also help fish-orderlies. The simplest ones are guppies, swordtails and catfish. The mouth of the first two is similar to a scraper with which they remove plaque from the glass and plants, while the catfishes act like suckers, also feeding on the remains of food and algae that have settled on the walls.

Cleanliness and order will prolong the lives of pets, maintaining their health, and you will give peace of mind, peace and pleasure from their contemplation.

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