How best to memorize?

Not always the memory works at full capacity. Sometimes in order to remember the text, you have to make a lot of effort. However, knowing some tricks, it is still possible to memorize the necessary information effectively.

Focus on your type of memory

To better memorize the information you need, choose one or another method of memorization, based on a certain type of memory. Memory can be:

  • motor,
  • visual,
  • auditory,
  • associative.

So, someone needs to rewrite the text by hand or redraw the scheme to remember them. Someone just enough to carefully review the information with his eyes - the person remembers the location of the text on the page, visually captures pictures, photos, tables, etc. Someone needs another person to read the text - this will allow the information to be learned by ear. Finally, the principle of memorization helps some people when information is assigned to some kind of associations or images. For example, the mentioned classification of types of memory can be represented in the form of a flower, where the stem is memory, and the four petals of different colors are varieties of memory.

Selection of the main theses

A large text will be easier to remember if you break it into logical paragraphs, each of which has a basic idea and auxiliary ones - explaining, supplementing. Then memorization will be based on the following plan:

  1. Reading the entire text;
  2. Highlighting the main thoughts, note-taking leading quotes;
  3. Drawing up a text plan according to the principle “block No. 1 (main idea No. 1 + explanatory text), block No. 2 (main idea No. 2 + explanatory text), etc.
  4. Reading the text in blocks with the subsequent memorization of each of them.

Try to focus on the main thoughts - provided that you understand what you are talking about, you can automatically recall and explain, complementary information.

Graphic helpers

Various schemes, tables, sketches will help to better memorize information. Need to remember a story? Squeak in a schematic storyline. For example: Vanya + Katia → meeting in a trolleybus → spent before the entrance → first date → met six months → made an offer → got married → happy in marriage, two children. You can make such schemes more or less detailed - as you prefer.Draw links between elements, highlight the basic information and secondary color pastes. You can even draw pictures instead of words - it will take more time, but perhaps it will also give the best result of learning information.

Repeat and retell

You need to understand that information is most quickly forgotten after memorizing it in a few hours. That is why regularly repeat the text you need. To do this, you can even print it on sheets of paper and hang it around the apartment or just carry a book with you to the kitchen, bathroom, for a walk. Be sure to repeat the information before bedtime.

After that, it is highly recommended to retell the text of the interlocutor, or at least your own reflection in the mirror. This will help to better memorize both Russian and foreign text.

Consciously perceive information

To master the text is very important to understand it. Known to all cramming, which does not require a thoughtful study of the material, can play a cruel joke with you. Most often this is expressed in the fact that you are fixating on some word or sentence that comes at the very beginning of the text. If you forget this passage, you will not be able to remember the rest of the text.Therefore, always study information consciously and intelligently.