Help me please! I have a -1.5 vision, I want to restore! Climbing the Internet, I found that there is a massager for the eyes!

I still thought, but I will not ruin myself so my eyesight with such an eye massager ??? I want to buy such an eye massager, but I'm not sure if it will help? People say that a massager helps! Still, is it worth buying me an eye massager or not ??? Help answer all my questions! It is very important for me! Thank you in advance)
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Answered on February 22, 2016 11:18
Do not need any obscure massagers! You have not such a big minus, you can restore normal vision on their own. To do this, you should not sit at the computer for hours, relax your eyes more often (for example, look far behind the window or fold the handles together, put your elbows on the table and put your hands on your eyes with your eyes closed and sit for 3-4 minutes) 5-10 minutes twice a day, eat well, eat foods that are good for sight.