Hanging bed in the greenhouse with your own hands

Hello, lovers of agriculture, part-time craftsman. Recently, secrets of homestead activities related to the cultivation of fruit and berry crops are more often disclosed. I wanted to say vegetables. Many people for consumption and for commercialization are looking for beneficial ways to increase the yield. It is an indisputable fact that if you plant 40 cabbage bushes on 20 square meters, then the total mass of ripened heads will be less than when planted in the same area not 40 bushes, but 20. Or even less. And let me not be offended by people in the village and the villagers who have become accustomed to agriculture since childhood, I will say straight out. In this activity, grandmother's tales are not the place. And the village today lives in forgetfulness, reverie and confusion. Lost skill in the village. After all, it is not necessary to dig the ground to get a good potato harvest. On the contrary, do not need to dig. But this is another story.And now I will tell you how to make a hanging bed in a greenhouse.

What greenhouse is the bed intended for?

Question number one, which greenhouse is this bed intended for? Well, of course, for the dome, friends. The remaining types of greenhouses - so, indulgence. Only the dome will provide a prolonged temperature while reducing daylight hours. And for the middle and northern strip of Russia, where I live, this is the main point. Moreover, only in the dome the pendant bed does not interfere with the irrigation of plants on the ground area. But if you have an ordinary hothouse, do not be discouraged. You have not yet reached and did not realize the advantages of the dome. The hanging device can fit in you. And the functionality will not be affected.

It will be necessary

Question number two, what will we do? For the manufacture of a suspended bed in the length of one meter we will need:
  • Sewer pipe of external use. I will say right away so as not to confuse you. This is an orange pipe. Plastic does not deteriorate from ultraviolet radiation and low temperatures. The diameter is 11 cm and the wall thickness is 3.2 mm. This is enough for a decent load-carrying capacity. Although about her further. However, it is necessary to clarify the material of manufacture. I came across two options: - NPVH.I guess this is polyvinyl chloride with nylon. It is a solid and shape-holding material. Polypropylene. Soft and plastic. It bends well.
  • Punched tape. I find it difficult to describe the one that I use. I will say this. It is not a thin metal. It bends well, but keeps its shape, withstands the load. Holes with a diameter of slightly less than 6 mm are arranged in one row after each other. Another punched tape wavy on the edges.
  • The brackets. These are twisted rings with 4 mm thread. One patch requires two brackets.
  • Washers. The main thing is that they coincide with the brackets.
  • Chipboard circles with a diameter of slightly less than 11 cm, and not less than 18 mm thick. Next, I'll tell you what it means to a little less. However, I do not recommend using other material for circles. Chipboard is a finished plate, dried and pickled with anti-corrosion resins.
  • Pat-tape. This tape is cut from a plastic bottle using a bottle cutter. A useful thing.
  • Still, food wrap may be needed. Or maybe you can do without it. It's up to you. From an improvised tool:
  • A file or a more advanced machine. For example, an electric jigsaw.I used a miracle of Chinese production - a nozzle on a screwdriver. At one end of the nozzle there is a cricket for cutting metal, and at the other is a file.
  • Scissors for metal. Although if you have a snack pet-tape with your teeth, you will manage with scissors for metal. This is for cutting punched tape.
  • And for drilling holes under the bracket, although, you know, rather it is an anchor bolt. I will call it fasteners. So, I used a screwdriver with a 3 mm drill.
Hanging bed in the greenhouse with your own hands

Making a hanging bed

I leave the afterword at the end and proceed to the procedure: 1. Pipe, regardless of its length requires cutting in half. Buying a three-meter pipe, you save and even beds can be done more. I experimented only with a meter length, because with increasing length increases the weight and load on the attachment. The half pipe already looks like a bed.
Hanging bed in the greenhouse with their own hands
Hanging bed in the greenhouse with their own hands
2. For cutting circles from a chipboard, I used a jigsaw attachment for a screwdriver. A few words about the diameter of the circles.It is more practical to put the pipe on the chipboard and circle the outer circle with a marker. Will cut exactly next to the line. There is a second option - to make a template. This husband suggested to me, and really works. With the right pattern, you can cut exactly on the line. Then the cut circle turns out to be a little less than 11 cm. And we do not need him to enter the pipe freely. We need tension in order for the tape to create external stress. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="Suspended garden bed in the greenhouse with their own hands">
I want to give advice to paint mugs by some Tenotex. Protection against water. But I did not paint. 3. Drill one hole in the end of the mug-wall.
Suspended bed in the greenhouse with your own hands
Suspended bed in the greenhouse with your own hands 4. Cut a piece of punched tape into 23 holes. That is what happened with me. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="Suspended bed in the greenhouse with your own hands"> Try to collect: 1. Combine the three elements:
  • - Pipe.
  • - Circle.
  • - Punch tape.
  • 2. Connect the outer holes of the tape to each other and to the hole on the mug ofChipboard.
    Hanging bed in the greenhouse with their own hands
    Hanging bed in the greenhouse with their own hands
    3. Get the fastener in three holes. Yes, it requires wit. But understand one thing. If you use the same material as me. Then it will seem to you that the edges of the metal tape do not converge. But this is not so. Apply force, hook the holes in the threads of the anchor and tighten. Remember, exactly 23 holes.
    Hanging bed in the greenhouse with their own hands
    Hanging bed in the greenhouse with their own hands
    Hanging bed in the greenhouse with your own hands
    In fact, the bed is ready. I complement it with hanging fasteners in the form of double loops from the pet-tape, and also wrap the entire bed with cling film. But this is my prejudice. If you use a garden bed as a decor, then it is better to decorate it with a multi-colored ornament. Climatic conditions in the dome greenhouse imply high temperature and humidity drops. So I use food film.I fastened the bed with the help of the construction level and the husband who kept the construction level.
    Hanging bed in the greenhouse with their own hands
    Hanging bed in the greenhouse with their own hands
    Today I have made four beds. They do not interfere with each other and the rest of the landings. Advantages of such a suspended bed are:
    • Additional landing space.
    • Shading of the non-sunny side of the greenhouse.
    • Microclimate complication.
    • Growing greens such as celery or parsley several times during the warm period of the year.
    And I also make a bed 2 meters long with an ornament for a front location under the window. But that is another story.