Handmade salt dough with handprints for Valentine's Day

It will help keep memories of how tiny your children once were. Children with great pleasure take part in any event and preparation for it, counting every memorable date in the calendar as important. Especially willingly, they are included in the process of making gifts for their loved ones - being generous by nature, they gladly share their spiritual warmth through souvenir souvenirs created with their own hands.

 Handicraft with children on Valentine's Day

Handicraft with children for Valentine's Day

Handicraft with children for Valentine's Day should reveal the spiritual qualities of the baby and cause warmest feelings from the person to whom it will present.For example, instead of the traditional Valentine's, you can make a heart-shaped pendant with the prints of children's palms.

We use the salt dough made according to the classical recipe as the basis for such crafts: two are mixed in one portion of table salt (slightly dissolved in salt water) portions of flour. Since we will not glue together any elements of crafts, you can add a little vegetable oil to the batch - then the mass will be more plastic and easily lagging behind the hands. Knead the dough to the desired density and let it stand for a while. Then we get to work.

 Making Salted Dough

Making Salted Dough

Tearing a small piece from the dough, making it flat a lump. On a hard surface, the hands are leveled with a lump until a flat flat round cake is obtained. If the baby still cannot make it, you can use a rolling pin.

Then we push one of the edges of the flat cake inside and smooth it out. It turns out heart. We make an imprint on it with palms so that the base of the palm is one, and the fingers are looked in different directions. In general, the imprint should follow the contours of the heart.You can make one print on the cake, if the child wants it.

With a straw we make a hole in the upper part of the heart and put the craft to dry. If it dries at room temperature, periodically turn it over to dry all sides evenly.

 Making a hole

Making a hole

 We leave prints of pens

Leave fingerprints

You can color the dried artwork or leave it in its original form by inserting a bright ribbon into the hole. You can color only the imprint itself, and leave the rest of the background as it is. Here everything depends on the child's imagination.