Goat milk curd: a step-by-step recipe. Miscellaneous

Goat milk has a unique composition and a set of substances necessary for the body. Allergy sufferers especially need it, for which cow's milk products are contraindicated. It is used in its pure form, and also make cheese. And goat's cottage cheese is more nutritious and safe in its qualities than cow's.

how to cook goat cheese
How to cook cottage cheese from goat milk?
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Goat's milk2 liters
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  • Cooking time:3 minutes

How is goat milk curd useful?

The specificity of the preparation of the product determines the presence in it of the protein fraction of the initial raw material, making the cottage cheese on the composition of amino acids and protein equivalent to meat. In this case, its caloric content is much lower, depending on the fat content, it averages 136 Kcal.

The product is considered to be an excellent supplier to the human body for calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and copper.It is recommended to use goat curd with the purpose of complex enrichment with vitamins, maintaining the immune system and compensating for animal protein when it is deficient in the diet.

How to cook goat cheese

It is difficult to find it on sale, and if you are lucky, you will have to pay a high price, so it is better to make homemade goat cheese from goat milk yourself, while maintaining its quality. There are several ways of cooking, consider the most simple and effective.

Curd "on bread crust"

Prepare 2 liters of goat's milk and put a slice of rye bread on it. It should be no larger than 2 * 4 cm, otherwise the result will be too sour. Leave the blank for several hours, covering it with a cotton napkin. Do not cover the milk bottle with a plastic lid!

After the allotted time, the milk will turn into yogurt. Remove the crust and pour the product into a clean enameled container and set on a small fire. It is necessary to wait, when yogurt will be exfoliated on cottage cheese and whey. As soon as this happens, immediately remove from heat and filter through gauze.The finished cottage cheese can be stored in the refrigerator for about 2 days, and the whey is useful either for the dough or for the full use as a drink.

Sourdough curd cheese

The process takes place on the same principle as in the first method. For 2 liters of goat's milk you will need 1 tablespoon of goat sour cream. It is not recommended to use regular, from cow's milk, as the composition of enzymes and vitamins is different, this will change the complex of vitamins in the cottage cheese.

Pour the milk into a clean, dry bottle, add sour cream, stir and leave for 6-8 hours. Capacity must be covered with a napkin. Put the resulting sour mixture in a water bath and hold, stirring constantly, until it is peeled off. Strain it through a gauze or a colander, you get cottage cheese and whey.

With this method, all substances are completely preserved, including calcium, which is easily destroyed during heat treatment. Now you know how to cook goat cheese curd.