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girls, I choose where to order new clothes, help!

So, 1. what about the Sabellino online store? 2. What about Gusachi? I think the backpack and wallet update. Who will say what brands? Did anyone order there?


A friend has a dress Sabellino, about wallets, and so I will not say. They seem to sew in Russia, a rarity today.

I saw the advert. I've ordered from Cashmerehttps://cashmere.ru/a couple of times. Dresses for the summer and a handbag. Quite good, sizes fit. Overall I was pleased.

A friend advised mehttps://barbarris.comBarbarris shop. I ordered myself a brand skirt with the price and quality of content. I think you will find yourself what to order.

I did not hear and did not order, I buy things in shopping centers

I love to shop very much and I love to go shopping

Online shopping is, of course, great. Very profitable. But to me a couple of times such nonsense came, and I was refused. In general, scary is always a risk. Although quite justified, because the options to save a lot more. I have recently been doing some great shopping with this platform.http://brands.gg/Constantly collect a lot of promotions, discounts. Just choose, and that's all! There and backpacks, and wallets. Empty-handed you just won't get out. So, good luck :) do not thank!

in the Internet

I advise you to take brands in the outlet,https://boscooutlet.ru/catalog/woman/sumki/discount 50-65 percent)

Also interesting.

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I took sabellino daughter backpack, leather. It goes well.

Hmm, I haven't heard either)) Looked, Gusachi doesn't have a website or something? In general, I looked at the wildberry - training, purses bags. Nothing special at first glance. Sabellino went to the site, a catalog of large, shoes did not see there - bags, clothes, accessories.

In gusachi, it seems only the bourgeois site, we only have what to take through markets. By the way, handbags have nothing in appearance. But did not order there. In Sabellino, she took a bag of imitation leather for summer in Magazine once in Moscow.

I like sabelino, I ordered them several times.