Flawlessly slim Mariah Carey surprised by a stylish outfit

It seems that the star has decided to rehabilitate itself in the eyes of fashion critics.

Fans of Mariah Carey are accustomed to the fact that most of her outfits do not differ in style and elegance. In pursuit of sexuality, the star often goes too far: he will put on a too short skirt, then he will appear on the red carpet with a flattened breast.

Recently, however, amazing metamorphosis has occurred with the singer. Looks like Mariah Carey decided to completely redraw her wardrobe! Or maybe she just changed the stylist? Be that as it may, the images of the star are getting better and better every day.

The other day, Carey was spotted in Hollywood, where she came to the shooting of the show Jimmy Kimmel. On this day she wore a graceful black dress with a deep neckline and translucent sleeves with a length of ¾. Surprisingly, Mariah Carey has remained true to herself: a cutout on the chest, a narrow silhouette, sexy details ... However, the whole style of the star has become much more restrained.